Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

My zit cream is working! It kept those monster undergrounders at bay and hey, I am looking alllllright! (now watch just because I said that a huge third eye will be on my forehead tomorrow!)

Oh man, I think I found a Twilight movie that I like and could watch, over and over…

Blueberry pie seems to have the same effect on me that ex-lax does. TMI? Psh. Go read this post again…

One of the elliptical machines at the clubhouse is broken (it wasn’t me), and every time I go the other one is being used, and so I have to RUN ON THE TREADMILL! Do you know how annoying this is? Do you know how many parts of your body jiggle around when you run? I wish all that jiggling would make the wobbly bits fall off, like when you shake an apple tree or something. Sheesh. I knew I hated running…

When did “no” start to mean, “wear me down with your relentless asking, whining, and evolving critical skill thinking that is so impressive it forces me to say, yes”?

Have I told you about Harry? Ya know, my daughter’s pet toilet paper roll? I need to check on that…but…

See this?

This is called “Orangie”. Yes it is. Maybe you’re still saying, um no, kim, what IS that?! OK…it’s a cat puppet, that has a monkey, (or a bear, depending on the day) stuck up inside it so it has legs. But WAIT, you say, it already HAS legs, four of them in fact! Yes. I know. And Audge brings Orangie everywhere, and brings fear into all who encounter it.

This is what happens when you leave your 8-year-old to finish his math on his own.

This is what happens when you tell your son he has 10 minutes to finish before his Gameboy is taken away.

Ya’ll, my hubby just finished the first two years of his Doctoral program, and let me tell you I am dang proud, DANG proud of him! (sniff!)


Banteringblonde said...

yay for your hubs! Orangie is quite ... um interesting!

w said...


well. you know i'm already a fan of that vardeo. man.

i totally didn't catch that "i love you mom" in the first pic. that was good.

why does audge make orangie eat things thru it's bottom? that's disedstrubing. mayerjorly.

if you didn't break the elliptical, who did? the lady with the bouncy house? watch out! i just beckoned big brother.

Kearsie said...


*wipes eyes* phew, that video..."you need a tan"

lessee... my twits for today:

I did not eat blueberry pie, but something akin to your malady has struck my innards.

Why is it then when I have to *go* at work, all my coworkers congregate near the bathroom?

Why is it that there is a two inch space between the bathroom door and the floor?

Why is bathroom spray so noisy? I might as well be shouting "I just pooped, everyone, and it was a doozy!"

Why do I have nothing to blog?

Miss Yvonne said...

Congrats to your hubby!

Also, I heard that mermaids are the new vampires.

The Retired One said...

1. I would love to see the third eye, Eegor.
2. Twilight, schmilight. Soon it will be like disco...gone but not forgotten
3. Definitely TMI. But I can relate (see my Garlic post!)
4. I am impressed by your drive (not to mention your jiggles).
5. Since the beginning of motherhood.
6. Can't wait to hear about her pet toilet roll. Gheesh, will you buy that kid some toys, already? (Use the money you spend on blueberries).
7. Great, now I am going to have nightmares about an unidentified orange bi-bred animal with 4 legs that look like 4 arms. And, he looks like he has hip dysplagia or love handles too.
8. I can teach them how to spell swear words, it takes up less room on the page.
9. Now that is an accomplishment to be proud of.
So this definitely means he is gettng a little sumpin-sumpin from you to show him just how proud you really are, right?

Jennifer said...

Congrats to your hubbs! What an accomplishment! I loooove that video! LOL!

robin said...

wow. orangie. i carried around a stuffed papa smurf for a few years. i came across him in storage the other day and was walking around smiling and crying for about an hour. we went thru a lot together....me and papa smurf.

Stephanie said...

LOL Love the entire post, but the homework cracked me up!

Vickie said...

Alright to your Husband!! What an accomplishment!

Wouldn't that be great if things did just fall off when you run. I would be a nice B instead of a gross D:)

I love the look of your blog! I am trying to get the three column look too, but I keep screwing up. Oh well:)

I love the boy's finished homework. I would totally be smiling with that result!

Cluttered Brain said...

Hey sweet thing! I LOVE your blog so much I gave you an award! Come check it out! It's on my blog!

Lynn Kellan said...

Would you tell me what zit cream it eliminating the whopper doozer zit? I've got one gurgling at the top of my forehead; a horn, if you will.

Insanitykim said...

Hey all thanks for your comments gals, I love 'em!

Lynn, it's called Acnomel, you can get it at Rite Aid; fantastic reviews and it is working great for me!!

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