Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Number 13!

Happy Happy Anniversary to me and my Hubby! (and it's not my hubby and I, just so you all who don't know that but think it is that way know now. Anyway...)

Thirteen amazing years of wedded bliss! I met this Hotty McHotty when he was 15 and I was on the verge of 17 (oh yeah, I like 'em young and feisty). I figured he would age well and give me great looking children. I was wise beyond my 17 years. We met on May 18th, 1991 at a high school dance; he was dressed as a 50's greaser, I was dressed as a Woodstock Hippie. We danced the night away and nearly had our first kiss to the song, More Than Words. Awwww...gooshey mushy love love love!

We married on May 18th, 1996, 5 years after we met. We were young whipper-snappers, me on the verge of 22 and he just a strapping studly 20. Oh yeah. I got to buy the alcohol as his "guardian" on our honeymoon. That was sooooooooooo hot and sexy.

Five years later we had our first child, Jacob, and our second 2 years later, Audrey. We made some great kids *pats on back*.

We have always been the best of friends, and our shared faith and our ever growing love for each other has made the past 18 years so fantastically amazing.
It freaks me out to think we have been together, already, longer than we were not, but two kids and several adventures later I can honestly say I could not have imagined anything better.

We are so blessed! I love you Josh! Have fun at the dentist today; losing a filling sucks. But hey! we get to watch the Survivor finale tonight! See you around 10ish for cheese, crackers, champagne and groaning over the dentist bill! Love ya hon!

PS See I TOLD you I had that hair!!!


This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Love the part about you buying the honeymoon alcohol!

Congratulations on your anniversary! That is awesome. :)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on another year of wedded bliss! May you both have many, many more. It's so great to see a couple who put God first and are committed to each other.

Kearsie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only cradle robber in town.

w said...

happy annivarsedry. 13 years is a long time to be mayeried.

i know. i used the same words on my fb comment. but c'mon. when it's good, it's good.

just like you two.

awwww. mush. sap.


happy day.

The Retired One said...

That was so guys are such a great couple (and cute too!). We were married really young too...I was only 19 ( a month from being 20) and he was 21. (and no, I wasn't pregnant!) ha
Now, two kids and two grandkids later, here we are at almost 37 years of marriage. I can tell you that it flies by and you only get more spiritually and emotionally bound. Love does grow even after all of these years. May you be blessed with many many more years together!

Banteringblonde said...

aww happy anniversary! We are celebrating 13 this year as well! wow ... you are a good lookin' couple and I love THAT hair!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary to You and He! ;-) I hope you celebrate many, many more!

Vickie said...

Awe! Belated Happy Anniversary! I am also 2 years older than my husband. For the longest time people thought he was 16.

The Milkshake said...

Congratulations!!! and AWE you two are too cute!!

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