Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Love about Having Kids: Part II, The Girl

So you all know I have a beat-boxing ninja son, who can scramble eggs like no other (well maybe you didn't know that but now you do) and he is growing up way too fast. Well how incredibly blessed am I, getting to balance out all that boy fun with a little girl! Quiet, demure, frilly and dainty...just like a gladiator in a tutu!

So when Audge was cookin', I had some names picked out, Halena was one of the names. However, Audrey won out for this reason and this reason only, it means, "noble strength", and her middle name means, "warrior of the people". And let me tell you, she'll steal your heart, and then beat the crap out of you for fun. I am barely kidding.

Audge grew up around boys mostly, so she is a little girl that has some amazing talents. For example, she can burp the ABCs. This makes Jacob nauseated, especially at dinner time. She will hold ugly bugs, and attempt to kiss them, just like that cicada over there, yeah, the same one that impaled her hand with it's scary jabber/sucker thing. She can also take a foam sword and pummel you into submission, to the point you are crying and attempting to crawl away with your life dangling by a thread. Ask our lawn maintenance man. He made the mistake of stepping into a sword fight and we almost got evicted. OK not really, but he's scared of her now.

But she cracks me up. She has a creative fashion sense like I have never seen. For example, for about 2 years, she consistently wore her pajama pants on her head. With a crown on top. Any new PJ's she received went on her head, held on by a crown. Sometimes she would switch them out for underwear, like on a warm summer's day, but you would be hard-pressed to find her in the house without her pants on her head. Now that her hair is thicker she prefers little butterfly clips, thankfully.

She also has an infuriating ability to hide things in compartments I never knew existed, or were actually not compartments, like a hidden space in the toy castle, or the air vents. I have lost necklaces, books, fancy pens, and many other random objects, and I learned very quickly to check all the air vents first. Now that she is older, she just hides her own things, which to me is a form of cleaning. If she loses her purse, I tell her to look in her other purse and viola! There it is! A purse in a purse! Who knew? I knew, that's who. I have been trained well.

Probably her most disturbing habit is that she thinks it's practical to design a makeshift, yet stylish, collar and leash for her stuffed animals, and then hang them up on hooks or doorknobs to sleep. Because who doesn't want to hang by their neck to sleep? Glad I am not easily freaked out or anything. Um...

See I know I am in good hands, because I already have a ninja, and she wants to be an American Gladiator. Did I mention she once took out a nine-year-old boy? She saved Jacob from certain (or uncertain) doom. She was 5 years old. She took him out!!!

But I tell ya, she is gonna be a good mommy. She cannot wait to be 12 so she can babysit, and if you have even a hint of a sniffle or cough, she has a blanket on you, you are holding a stuffed animal, and she is getting you water and then rubbing your forehead.

She loves the stage, her drawing skills are incredibly awesome, she can make up some wicked hairstyles on the Barbie website, she wants her fingernails painted green and pink, she thinks Gollum is cute (no she hasn't seen the movies) and she wants to bake cookies for hard working people because that is a nice thing to do.

To sum up her personality, here is one of her favorite videos. She can say "Chaaarlie" like no other and hearing her sing, "put a banana in your ear" makes my day. It drives her brother insane. It is just so, so Audge.

I love my kids.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Cougar Rant

So a couple of nights ago, with the kids tucked quietly in bed, me and hubby sat in our room and watched the new Leno Show, and his main celebrity guest was Courtney Cox, who was promoting her new show, Cougar Town.


So yeah, I was sitting there, half dozing off, while she said, "somethin' somethin' somethin', that's really my body, blah blah blah, no one believes me, yadda yadda yadda, that's REALLY me!"

OK when they went to the clip, they showed her in front of the mirror after a shower, lamenting over and batting around the old, flabby skin that covers her entire body. And her stomach, oh yeah, it was a gooey mess of hairy, stretch-marked flab.

Apparently, that was supposed to be funny and easy to relate to as a 40-something, see because, this is the body she thinks is old and gross...


So really? Really? What demographic is this show meant for? Who was their test audience? Why would someone, who looks like her, stand in front of a mirror and pretend she has serious flaws? I decided to watch the little premiere trailer on youtube for the show to get an idea.

Now, if you all remember, I did a little post on some of the urban definitions for Cougar (and us younger old women, called Pumas, which again, is just another name for a Cougar) so I wasn't too surprised that the show is basically about a divorcee, who feels like she is gonna shrivel up and die, so she finds the purpose that has been lacking in her life by scouring bars for young men to shack up with. Sigh.

Again, who is this for?

Am I supposed to laugh when the barely 20-something sees her c-section scar and doesn't know what it is?

Am I supposed to laugh when her son asks her if she is hitting on him when she asks him to stay in and watch a movie?

Am I supposed to laugh when she makes a peanut-butter cracker snack, after their post-coital tristesse, for her new sex toy, the same snack she makes for her son's friends when they come over?

I don't know. It's just, isn't there any better purpose to glorify in Hollywood than this?

I mean, sit-coms tend to parallel the lives of the people they are supposed to entertain. Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld and the like all dealt with issues that were somewhat embarassing yet funny, really, and you could pick and choose what you identified with, like a buffet, ya know? Ya take what you like, laugh at what's funny to you, and leave the rest.

But this show appears to have one premise only, or at least it is the main premise explored, which is women need to throw themselves into the partying dating scene to be relevant and have a good time while they move into "middle age". Really, it doesn't seem like it will delve much deeper than the three minutes I watched. The character has it made! She is beautiful, truly does have a rockin' body, is successful, claims to have a well-adjusted son and she apparently made some choices in life that have opened up ample opportunities for her to explore a purpose. Yet instead of going outside of herself, she completely implodes, attacks inward, and leaves us with a message that her body is less than acceptable, and romps in the sack with young men she doesn't know is what she is missing to make her life complete. And this is all frosted heavily with brilliantly delivered one-liners, gaffes and physical comedy that makes it sweeter as we choke it all down, while the theme of "40 is the new 20" pounds us every day from the covers of magazines to the talk shows we blindly follow. Come on, would we watch a show like this if the main character were a 40-year-old man?? If he were at a high school football game, telling his friends he wanted to lick the hot cheerleader's body, would we laugh? Well, would we?

OK OK I know it's a sitcom and I KNOW it's all fake and inflammatory, and I KNOW I make fun of my own flab and I KNOW I shouldn't be taking it all so seriously, but right now I am. It's just the message of a shallow, severely introspective, sex-focused life that gets me, and how that is supposed to be funny. It's that I am raising a daughter, AND a son, and I don't want these kind of influences to be a part of their cultural up-brining. Not having TV for the family really helps, but even if we did have TV, I can guarantee that dribble wouldn't be lighting up my living room for the evening.

Man, am I crabby today or what?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Twitters: Animal Rescue

I got up feeling like complete garbage.

Stupid dumb thunderstorm woke me up. Stupid dumb!

Poor me!

Then, upon opening the patio blinds, I see that our gimpy bird (the one I mentioned last week), obviously got caught in the storm; he was gimping (actually he was belly up like a dying turtle), wet to the core and utterly pathetic.

He obviously had a lamer morning than me.

I reminded myself to stop complaining so much.

The kids barreled down the stairs and looked out the patio door.

Audrey: GASP!
Jacob: What happened?
Audrey: Is he dying?
Me: Not sure. He could be diseased. But I think he got caught in the storm.
Audrey: Poor birdie!
Jacob: He might die!
Me: Um...(ewww)
Audrey: We have to bring him inside and take care of him!
Me: Noooooooooo...
Jacob: We can't just leave him there to DIE! ["die" echoing through my head]

So, I did of course what any Good Samaritan would do; I got a small cardboard box, a plastic container, paper towels and...rubber gloves...for me...in case he was like, sick with Bird Flu or something.

And here is where I put him.

Then I came in and changed my clothes and washed and sanitized like a haz-mat pro.

He closed his little eyes, and, protected from the rain, slept for a half hour. That's what I told them at the time anyway, in case he conveniently died in his new IKEA-like abode.

Audrey prayed. Jacob cried. We had deep conversation, covering everything from Heaven to sanitation and sterilization.

But the birdie lived!

Soon he dried off, flopped out of the box, ate some seeds and then flew off.

The kids were so happy he lived, and that we took the time to help him and basically save his life! And I was too, for that means he is just gimpy, not diseased.

I would go even deeper but I feel as if my blog posts have been dipping real deep lately...after all this is just a twitter...

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things I Love about Having Kids: Part I, The Boy

I don't know about you gals, but when I found out, for the first time, that I was preggers, I was a little shocked when the sonogram revealed I would be having a son. Not that I wasn't excited, but I guess I had envisioned having a baby girl first. Since I was a first time mom, babies to me meant frilly and pink and dainty and all of that, I hadn't even considered anything like, circumcisions...

But it was easy to get all giddy and googly-eyed over a little boy, and once I held Jacob I was in love; he was huge and chubby and cute and very much a boy even from the get-go! And, until Audge was born, I actually couldn't envision having a girl!

So here we are 8 1/2 years later, and Jake is definitely becoming a little man. And, the stuff he is interested in, well, it's very cool.

Take for example, Legos. Now, I know they have been around for a gazillion years, AND they make Legos for girls, but...he makes such cool stuff! All the ships and flying thingies have blasters and lasers and super boosters and rocket launchers and things that shoot plasma and all that stuff that requires sound effects that I cannot replicate. And he will do this for HOURS! I found the Lego website for him, and to him it is like gold at the end of a sparkly rainbow. He has made his own avatar, made his page, has friends, and even entered one of his creations in a contest! Um, yes, it's much like Facebook. But, no one knows his name...or what he looks like. Which is good. Very, very good.

He also thinks he is a Ninja. Well, he at least has the positive attributes of a ninja. He is actually more like a super-spy, sleuth-y ninja, who is a cousin of Mario, because he isn't trying to lop anyone's head off, or impale them on a sword, in order to avenge a death or restore someone's honor. Regardless, we can't go anywhere without him trying to fit into small spaces, pretending he is invisible, attempting to walk behind people undetected, and crazily jumping onto/over/off of any object we tell him to stay away from. In all reality, I think this is a coping mechanism because he is actually quite shy; the Ninja makes him feel powerful.

Also, he is into beat-boxing. I think this is hysterical, as the only beat-boxing he has heard is Matisyahu, which is awesome, but this means we are privy to his hot, rockin' beats like, all the time. For the most part his rhythm is rather impressive but, it can, at times, become somewhat oppressive in the car, or at 4 am when he wakes up and is "bored".

And I love love LOVE the new cartoon he found on Netflix recently called World of Quest. Originally a comic, it is now a cartoon and it is such a happy and refreshing change from Spongebob. Audge tolerates it, but man, the theme song makes me want to do The Pony!

And I love that he wants to be a movie director, (he has made a few short movies already) and an explorer of caves, and a chef, and that he says he doesn't need to learn Karate because he taught himself, and he's a "master black-belt" already.

So really, when I put all of this together, I think this video will be representative of something Jacob might be doing in about 7 years, hopefully minus a scary pig-tailed guy. I can't wait!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

You know how I know it's Tuesday? My house is a pit! That's how!

Yet I sit and write my TT's just for you. See how much I care??

But, I had tons of great TT's and I didn't write them down for you. *anger at self brewing*

BTW I think the PMS Momster has arrived. Proceed with caution.

I was made fun of and insulted this week. That does not help the PMS Momster.

But I will forgive (go into the bathroom) and forget (eat something heavily laden with fat and sugar).

Jacob learned to make scrambled eggs this week. *proud mommy moment*

He also won our wrestling match by strategically emitting a silent and lethal gas bomb. We had to evacuate the room and not re-enter for hours.

Most of our shows premiere this week. *droooooooool!*

Have you ever played limbo using a spiderweb? It's like, really cool weird.

We also have a bird visiting that has a bum leg. Watching it land on the patio is much like watching someone fall out of a moving train. It is sad.

He can fly though, so I'll leave him alone!

But, if he falls in the water dish, I promise to help him.

Also, the red potatoes I had under the sink exploded. Has that ever happened to you? They smelled terrible. Like bad cheese. The PMS Momster loved cleaning that up today!

My daughter was convinced she saw a hummingbird FINALLY after waiting all this time! I cleaned out the feeder, only to find the corpses of flies and bees in the feeder. I thought they had a terrible smell before I realized it was the potatoes.

However the feeder is not feeding hummingbirds, just honeybees.

The PMS Momster will deal.

And look at this! Here's the recent birds and bees fiasco and conversation that followed:

Audrey: Look! She has a baby on her back!
Jacob: That's not the baby.
Audrey: It's not the baby?
Jacob: That's the female.
Me: No, actually that's the male.
Jacob: What? Why is the male always smaller?
Audrey: What are they doing?
Me: Making babies.
Jacob: *Shudders*
Audrey: Oh! Making babies! How many babies will she have? One hundred?
Jacob: No.
Audrey: Two?
Jacob: More like 3.
Audrey: 400?
Jacob: No Audrey! Then they would be crawling all over and take over our house!
Audrey: 2?
Me: Hey, look, is that a gorilla in the bushes?

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Blessing to Bless

While sitting at the dining room table a few nights ago, my son decided to have one of his "moments" where his food, some of his favorite food mind you, didn't look exactly how he wanted; the Italian broccoli was a little too "cooked" and the salmon, well, I am not even sure how that was any different, wasn't up to his standards. But, the point is, this is a meal that he usually eats with wild abandon. Yet, void of any illness, recent snacking, or bugs crawling on the food, he simply turned up his nose and refused to eat.

Now I know that at the ripe old age of 8, it's perfectly normal for kids to be picky about food, intolerant of variances or change, and exhibit some other challenging behaviors regarding preferences and independence, but again this is one of his favorite meals, one I usually don't have to hear any negative feedback about. So, after about 3 long agonizing minutes, he was sent to his room and I wrapped up his dinner for a second showing later. We finished our meal (Audrey dutifully eating her meal and milking the, "yes honey we are proud of you for eating the broccoli with the cooked 'brown spots' and melted cheese" acknowledgments) and I went up to, once again, talk to my son.

We got into one of our philosophical discussions, and soon I found myself talking about children around the world, even here in the US, that go hungry many nights and would be more than thankful to eat the fresh, healthy food he was refusing to even look at, even though he was "starving". I reminded him of the backpack ministry we have been a part of as a family, and how hundreds and hundreds of kids, in this city, get a weekend full of food, because Jacob helped pack backpacks for them, and Jacob chose the food for each backpack, and how the kids are truly thankful to have all this food to eat on the weekends. As I continued on with my deep monologue, suddenly the mental picture of kids, such as those in Africa, starving to death became crystal clear to him and he started to cry. On one hand, I was so touched that his heart broke for those kids, as he crawled into my arms and said, "mommy that is so sad! Why aren't people helping them?" On the other hand I felt like a terrible mom, like I had burdened him beyond his ability to understand and cope, over some uneaten broccoli. But this yet again spurred a great conversation, after the tears dried, on everything from being thankful to helping others. His question however, rang in my head.

I always pray that we will be given opportunities to serve. I know there are opportunities right outside our door, so mainly I pray we don't miss them. Last night our church announced that next month the congregation will be called together, needing about 7 of the ten thousand members, to volunteer to pack over a million food packs to feed over 4000 people in Africa for a year. Yes we attend a large church, and it is one that is completely service-oriented and truly acts; the things we have been able to participate in and see happen these past two years have blown my mind.

I could not wait to pick Jacob up from his class and tell him the plans for next month!

Me: Jacob I have some exciting news for you!
Jacob: Oh, I hope I am getting a new video game!
Me: Um...no...it's actually better than a video game.
Jacob: Mom, there's not much better than a video game!
Me: Well, remember our conversation about children in Africa, and how so many go without food?

His eyes lit up as I explained the plan and the goal. Once I was done explaining he exclaimed, "Yeah, I can't wait to do that!" Audrey piped in, "me too me too!" It was a great moment that had come full circle, giving him an answer to his question that not only made him happy, but also allowed him to be a part of on a personal level.

It's a blessing to bless others, it warms hearts like nothing else. It's what we are called to do, and in one way or another we all can do it. I really hope and pray we reach that goal, and that these acts of service are part of our family for good.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

1998. We stood atop of the World Trade Center tower during our day in Manhattan. It was a great day with my hubby and cousin; we toured the Lighting and Diamond Districts, ate in Chinatown, ran around in Fao Schwarz, went to the top of the Empire State Building, saw Wall Street, endured crazy taxicab rides through the city, strolled in Central Park, ate dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant, and walked around Times Square at midnight, feeling totally safe and thankful for such a fun and exciting day! New York and the people of New York are awesome!

September 11th, 2001, I sat on my couch, holding my 4-month-old baby, in complete shock over what I was watching. Just like all of us, the feelings I had were feelings I had never experienced or could describe. Looking at my son, I realized all of our lives had changed forever.

I try to be thankful everyday for how blessed I am. It's easy to sit in my comfy bubble of a life, and allow myself to get irritated and critical over the little things, and complain and whine about mere inconveniences.

So today I want to remember all those families who lost on this day, 8 years ago, the policemen, policewomen, firefighters, and Good Samaritans who ran into the tragedy to help and save people, the brave passengers and crew on Flight 93, who fought back their attackers, the moms and dads, grandparents and families who stood up to take over raising children who lost a parent or became orphaned. I ache for those who wished they would have said, "I'm sorry" or, "I love you" instead of choosing not to. We must remember to not think lightly of what we have, and to take advantage of everything and every moment we can, living and loving to the fullest.

I am thankful for the men and women who give everyday to protect us and our freedoms, and that they wholeheartedly choose to do so.

May we never forget.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

Today feels like Monday. And it doesn't feel good.

And to top it all off, a mosquito had me for breakfast.

I was having a hard time figuring out if Audrey had a cold or allergies, until she sneezed a humongoid green booger onto her arm. She was impressed, and the mystery was solved.

We are doing a science experiment, producing bacteria, which produce enough gas to fill a balloon. Jacob immediately said, "germs fart?" and laughed hysterically. Sigh.

Oh and if unexpected, booming thunderstorms ruin your outdoor, Labor Day, hiking plans? Next time just give the kids balloons...mine pummeled each other for an hour, and I took a nap.

It had been so long since I had been to the mall, that I sprayed myself with every sample perfume possible, used every lotion set out, and smelled so many Yankee candles you could have lit my nose on fire without harming my nose hairs. Then I went to the clubhouse and worked out. I smelled goooooooooood.

So get this; I went to the store, got my cart, wiped it down and started shopping in produce.

Yeah, that's riveting!!

I spent a good deal of my time picking out some bananas.

A good banana is easy to find, an INCREDIBLE bunch of bananas takes time and skill.

No, wait! There's more! I left my cart by a display of sliced pineapple to get cucumbers.

When I turned around, my cart was GONE! OooOoOoOOoOOOoOOoooOoOooOOoOoOoO

So were my bananas!


A bit of rage bubbled within me, and I promptly accosted the woman next to me, in a polite way, (because she too had bananas in the same spot I had put my bananas) and accused her of taking my cart. Upon inspecting her cart, and avoiding getting the crap beat out of me right next to the vine-ripened tomatoes, I came to realize this was in fact not my cart! She then became empathetic and helpful, because hey, she obviously knows what it takes to pick out bananas. We then together accosted everyone around us, including the produce guy, who swore he didn't see anyone take my cart, nor did he take my cart, nor were there any other workers in the immediate area who could have taken my cart! And just to complete the bizarre scenario, there was another woman following me around saying, "yes! I saw your cart! Then it was gone! Just gone! That is so weird! Who could have taken it! Did you have bananas?" I wanted to chat with her about alien abductions, but I had already wasted 30 minutes, whilst holding cucumbers, and incredibly inferior bananas, looking for my cart! Thank goodness I was wearing my liver-pack around my liver! (that's my awesome I-have-relented-to-being-35 purse, read here)

I then got a basket, something I could keep close to me, and as I shopped I eyed every cart I came across, harboring nearly enough gumption to confront the evil banana-cart-shoplifter (heh heh). But I never saw the cart, and believe me I scoured every cart in an obvious and uncomfortable way! I finished my shopping experience feeling quite weird, and I am left to assume I used so much hand sanitizer on my cart that the alcohol simply vaporized it into thin air. The End.

Oh, and how can I do a TT without one of these.

They are everywhere!

Have a great Tuesday ya'all!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

I've Got Season Tickets to the Gun Show, and They're Alllll Mine!

So, I have bragged blogged in the past about my son's obsession concern with impressing girls, and his new desire to shower, smell good and comb his hair. At first this sent me into wild hysterics made me giggle, but now I think we might have a serious problem there is a need to set some parameters for the little guy. You see, he has discovered his biceps. And in his mind, they are huge.

Yes, yes. I just overused strike-outs. But more importantly, I am trying my best to make sure I compliment him every time he gives me a Conan the Barbarian pose, and since I read an article recently that said simply complimenting your children ruins them for life causes them to be underachievers, I not only say, "yes, Jacob, you're muscles are getting so big!" I also say, "but, you need to continue to do push-ups and eat healthy to keep those muscles big and strong, and, muscles aren't everything; you need a good education and you need to learn to be a gentleman and a good citizen and wear clean underwear and floss your teeth every night!" He just looked at me. I felt like an idiot quite successful using my new parenting technique.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Hairy Situation


Something is bothering me. At first it was just a nuisance, mere blips in my day. Now, I am just one eye-twitch away from scouring the Internet to figure out what the heck is wrong with me because...

My hair is falling out!

I am "spring shedding" except, I am not a canine and, it's not spring.

See, I have been irritated because lately, every time I look down at the floor in the bathroom or kitchen, I see these very long, black hairs alllllllll over the place! And, I am constantly wetting a little piece of paper towel and wiping them up and throwing them in the trash. I do this in each room with linoleum at least once a day! Now it's just become ridiculous!

I mean, I remember the hormone crash I had after having my kids; I was decorated with bruises, up and down my legs, and I lost so much hair that my hairline resembled Jude Law's, and I broke two vacuum cleaners. That's right. There was SO MUCH HAIR that it tangled up the beater bars, which stopped the rotation, which in turn burned out the motors. Scary, huh? Needless to say, I have a lot, a lot a lot, of hair.

With all this hair loss I worry (which probably leads to more hair loss) about:
-Something being wrong
-Something being wrong

Just this summer my mom and I were noticing how my hair was back to the luscious thickness I had when I was a teen. And truly, I have a thick head of hair that cannot be held up by just any ponytail holder, even as an adult! But now it's all falling out to the point that in the shower, I can roll it up into a ball and leave it on the shower floor and send my family into screaming fits as they step in to get clean.

My other question is, why isn't my hair falling out in other places? Like, why can't it fall out in places that make it easier for me to go swimming in public, or wear sleeveless shirts? Or better yet, why can't it fall out from places that make it harder to discern my Italian heritage, like my eyebrows or better yet, my lip? Ew.

Sigh. In fact, the hair on my legs has gotten thicker. Granted, less hair on my head makes it easier to wash and dry it, but now I spend even MORE time shaving my legs!

I'm not tired, losing weight (darn it), or bruising, or having sleep troubles, or loss of appetite or crying spells or fits of rage or extreme memory loss...but, I do have more zits even with my super-strength zit cream...so...maybe it's just hormones. Or being 35. I don't know. Help here anyone? And by help I mean, just laugh and tell me I'm crazy normal. Well, that you're losing hair too, at least. Thanks.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

I am wondering when nose picking, feet smelling, and tooting (among other things) will no longer be funny. Well, no longer funny to my kids, because they just go overboard with it, unlike me....

Killer Spider is gone from the front door, obviously out to capture some lesser developed victims, but Spiky Alien Spider is still webbing up the patio, and I am sure she had her bazillion spider babies and they are infiltrating my home. Or, someone spilled pepper, near a draft...

My daughter's tennis coach made the mistake of asking her if she was ready for the relay drills. She paused before saying, "no, I'm not!" And she left the class in awkward pause as she got herself some water.

I ran. Outside. There was no ice cream truck, no person, dog, zombie or bill collector who was chasing after me. I did it on purpose. I'm still in relative shock over this, and I am afraid my legs might fall off...please don't tell anyone I kinda liked it. My reputation will be shot!

Since my new insane schedule started, I no longer drink coffee at night; ya know, I think coffee was keeping me up at night. Is that even possible? I like this clip, for many, many, many reasons...

OK Audge just said she likes George's looks. Maybe we shouldn't add the DVD to our movie library...

I am playing this game on FB called bubble spinner. No matter what I do I cannot progress and better my score. I play like 20, 30, 800 games in a row. My husband is worried.

Hey, did you know that Jellyfish are of the phylum Cnadaria and are simple-structured medusae? Yeah! And they use ocean currents to move them along, trapping prey in their tentacles, using nematocysts, projectile structures, to sting and paralyze their prey. Then they eat their prey and excrete the waste out of the same hole they used to eat it with! And just two days ago all I knew was Spongebob was absorbent, yellow and porous! Brainpop.com ya'all. It's the shiz. Whatever that means.

OH OH OH! I won this award from Audrey! No, not my daughter, that would be nice, but from Audrey from Audrey's Country Crafts! What an awesome name. I am supposed to tell you three things about myself. Ummmm...
-I am hungry
-I JUST updated my editing feature, and I like LOVE the strike out feature! I plan to abuse the heck out of it use it wisely. HAHHAHAHA! OK I'm done.
-I am adding this all to my post late, but hey, it's still Tuesday!

Three people are supposed to be tagged with this:
Sounds Like Tomatoes
Much More Than Mommy
This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood.

Uh oh I have to go now, the psycho schedule calls...

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