Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even When I Think I Have Nothing to Say...

So as I sit here with a ramekin full of Swedish Fish and a glass of Sangria, I realize I am a little blocked, not in the, “I need more fiber” way, but more in the, “where’s my funny?” way, which is maybe not uncommon but uncomfortable, nonetheless…

I guess I could talk about how my kids have barreled into this new phase of bugging the crazap out of each other, challenging me to not explode into tiny little pieces or to bang my head against the wall for some peace and quiet. I was gonna save this little nugget for my twitters, but I will divulge that today my son informed me that he and his sister have very different looking poop, hers being quite round and small, his being, well, long and large. This is totally going in another direction so let’s move on…

I surmise that mentioning Swine Flu would be a big winner, and I could confess that I am scared that our flights to Alaska will be canceled next month, and if they aren’t, I will need to know where can I buy hazmat suits for us to wear on the plane. And if they don’t allow that, then I need to know if it’s safe to squirt hand sanitizer up my nose and in my eyes, and my families’ noses and eyes, and/or to bring Lysol, that is CLEARLY marked as Lysol, in my carry-on bag, to spray on the other passengers while I am checking their temperatures with my new digital ear thermometer. But nah…

What I really should do is thank some other amazing bloggers who have bestowed unto me some more wonderful peer awards, because that is fun and cool, and the kids are asleep. So I shall do that now.


This one is from Jennifer over at It's a Beauty Filled Life and I am very thankful for it!

This is to be given to the bloggers whom you visit everyday or every post, and who leave evidence that they visit you often as well! Now this can be somewhat hard to measure, especially if some people are shy to comment, but I can find some great bloggers to give this to who I know visit consistently and leave comments (often hysterical comments at that) for me to read. My BBBs are:

Winn at Wendiwinn (she likes stuff)
Kearsie at Sounds Like Tomatoes

Yoda-er I mean Beth at This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood
The Retired One at The Retirement Chronicles
Bantering Blonde
The Clay Muse
and of course Jennifer, who gave me this loverly award!

Now this one,
made by and from Jamie from Kids...Me and RAW III (look at the sparkly crown!) clearly points to how awe-summm I am, (see she is pointing umm...that flower? my blog name?) and requires me to list 7 awe-summm things about myself, and then I must send this award off to other awe-summm bloggers. Thank you, Jamie! So, here goes:

1. I make FANTASTIC homemade chocolate truffles.

2. If I were challenged to a tickling match, I would win.

3. I recently set foot into the den of flesh-eating penguins and survived.

4. I have successfully homeschooled my kids for the past 3 years without doing any permanent damage...

5. I have seen the movie, The Breakfast Club over 26 times. On purpose.

6. I can paint a 12x12 room beautifully without taping off any part of the walls.

7. I can make blog buttons now and manipulate HTML enough to make me happy!

I know this seems lazy or whatever, but, if you are on my blogroll on the right, either in button form or post-link form, you get this award, because seriously I think you're awesome, and that's why you're there, so I can check on you all and glean from your awe-summmness, OK?


And last but not least, for sure, is this award:

This is from The Clay Muse, and I must say THANK YOU because right now, this is like, the funniest award I have ever received, and my favorite! Here is the criteria for winning this peer award:

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. "

I love the idea that someone would brave a chicken zombie apocalypse just to read my blog. I would assume that means they would have to scramble (heh heh get it? scramble?) past blood-thirsty chickens to an abandoned coffee shop that somehow still had a computer hooked up, that was running off of like, alien nuclear power, or coffee grounds, or something like that, because they remembered, from my last post, that I would have most likely survived because I am to be killed off my Godzilla, not zombies, therefore, in my lonely post-apocalyptic stupor I am still blogging because it's what I was "made to do".


Again, how do I NOT give this to all the people I just mentioned, or to all the people I link to on my blog? You're all on here because I want you all here! So I am doing that, BUT, I am calling out one blogger in particular just for fun and just to see if she will see this...

Hey Lola!

Yeah, you...

I would brave zombie chickens (and flesh eating penguins) to read your blog. So would you please tell me a story about a zombie chicken apocalypse when you're done shredding your wedding dress and making a "vagillion" ruffles for it?

OK much love to all. I am way tired. Peace out.


Kearsie said...

Thanks for the BBB award, my friend. I would love to leave an above referenced funny comment, but if I linger too long, the pudding in my brain will drip down my nose onto the keyboard causing me to type all funnhyyyehaghgafgeajfaghfgf

tooooo laaatteeee

TheClayMuse said...

Thanks for the award! I'll have to make a post tomorrow and pass it along.

Vickie said...

Congrats on the cool awards! Zombie chicken, HA!

Swine flu is making me a little nervous. Why that and not the regular flu...I don't know. Maybe the first person to die of it was a toddler in the US. Makes me think of my kids.

Banteringblonde said...

Well thank ya!! I have a sniffle today .... hmmmm

robin said...

awww kimmy. you are a sap and i love you.

Cluttered Brain said...

ROFL! Hilarious! You are so funny. I am following you for sure. How long have you been out there in Blog land? You are one funny lady. I alittle blog retarded but hey I am learning. I think that their might be a learning curve in this one though. I have been only doing this since January. I have an excellent blog mentor though. Her blog is Mom Nerd. Have you heard of her?
Her name is out there. She is so cool and she is my friend in real life!!!! Exciting huh?
Well I'll keep this comment relatively short. Thanks for adding me as your friend on Mom blogger! Hope you have a good day! :)

Cluttered Brain said...

That is I AM a little blog retarded. SHEESH! I wish there was an edit for comments. There is a preview but I need a spell check. :) Hope I got my point across though. :)

Insanitykim said...

Thanks for coming over Covington Sensation! Look forward seeing you around in bloggy world, and I will certainly check out your friend as well!

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