Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Givin' Some Bloggy Love, Seriously...

Well, I’ve paid the bills, learned my kids a thing or two in school, did the housework for today, worked out, did my bible study AND plucked my eyebrows, so, there is only one thing left to do…


I have received three peer awards that I have been holding onto for some time, which means I need to display them and THANK the Bloggers who gave them to me, and I have something of my own to hand out…

So here they are, three I have received, thanks to Stacy of Stacy’s Random Thoughts, Joan of The Retirement Chronicles, and Beth of This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood:

I am pretty sure everyone I know has these already, so now, instead, I am giving out a NEW button of appreciation...

I would like to start out by giving to Joan, Beth and Stacy, three wonderful Bloggers, this button, made by the folks over at Sited and Blogged (where I am a contributor *coughs PLUG coughs*) as I truly am a fan of your blogs:

AND, I would ALSO like to give this button to THESE Fantastic Bloggers, because I am a fan of theirs as well:

Wendiwinn (she loves to talk about things like doors and bacon)
Kearsie of Sounds like Tomatoes (she has a tag she needs to explain...)
Hey Lola (She is about 96 weeks pregnant and is just glowing with...well, go see..)
Jenny of Oh! I Love That! (She makes cool things AND she loves cool things)
Much More Than Mommie (She knows a LOT about bras, and Google can prove it)
Lulu of Lulu's Sandbar (I call her the Treadmill Wrangler)
Vickie of Vickie's Scrapbooking and Tidbits (she is a scrapbook guru)

You all are fantabulous!

Now, I was also tagged by Beth and Joan for this List of 8's, and any of the Bloggers I just mentioned may or may not respond by listing their 8’s. are mine:

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Possibly Visiting Alaska this summer (secretly doing a happy dance!)
2.My hubby being done with his PhD! Two…years…left…
3. Spending time outside with my kids in the sun AND my hummingbirds coming back!
4. Spending evenings with my hubby watching our shows, playing, um, games…
5. Seeing my Kentucky friends on weekends and at BSF on Wednesdays
6. IM-ing, Facebook-ing with all my friends, and reading/commenting on blogs
7. My workout time (when I am ALONE!!!)
8. Getting back into shape before summer…please kim get it right this year!!

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Decorate cakes professionally that are only featured on the Sunday posts of Cake Wrecks
2. Sing really, really well
3. Ballroom dance like they do on TV!!!
4. Swim…or even float for that matter…
5. Make perfect sugar cookies…maybe it’s a good thing I can’t!
6. Pass my interpreting certification test (I SO hope!)
7. Go to a John Mayer concert, first row seats…ahhhhh…
8. Get rid of my acne for good!

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Vacuumed up pillbugs, and other dead insects, that crawl in from the outside and die about 2 inches from the wall.
2. Wrote a blog post and chatted w/ amazing friends
3. Paid bills, and, as part of home-schooling, forced my 8-year-old to watch me do it; he was SO enthused!
4. Took a shower, solely for the purpose of getting clean
5. Made meatloaf, because meatloaf is awesome of course
7. Cleaned out a closet, again. This time, it better stay friggin’ clean!
8. Called my mommy, ‘cause I am a GOOD daughter that way!

8 shows I watch:
1. Dancing with the Stars
2. Celebrity Apprentice
4. 30 Rock
5. The Office
6. Hell’s Kitchen
7. Survivor
8. Wipe Out

And now, I have another award I want to give out, and once you are awarded, you are allowed to give out to others.

This is my very own, original “You Spice Up My Life” award. The rules here are to give this to 5 Spicy Bloggers who add that "special something" to your day whilst in the act of blog perusal, and give them your own personal spicy name that they can display with this fantastic award...that I made...all on my own... *beaming*. I give this award to these 5 Bloggers (more to come later) and I officially declare that-

Hey Lola: you are Allegedly Pregnant and Hilariously Chaotic Spice
WendiWinn: you are Bacon Spam Friend Cullinary EXpert Spice
Kearsie at Sounds Like Tomatoes: you are Mrs. *SWOON* Edward Cullen HulaHoop Spice
Joan: You are Fine Wine and Fancy Lingerie Spice, and
Beth: You are Purple Yoda Awesome Master Spice

And as always, don’t feel obligated to pass any of these on, or display them. Just know you all light up my life.

Peace Out.


This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

WOO HOO!!! I am feeling the love!! Thanks so much for all the blogger love! I shall proudly rub my awards in my readers face....err, I mean I will display them with the proper amount of restraint and self-control. Yeah that's it...



Seriously, thank you!

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I LOVE my spice girl name, by the way! lol

Kearsie said...

*weep* You mean I have TWO awards? *wipes tears* I am so touched! *wipes snot dripping from nose* I mean, I have never felt such bloggy love. *wipes snotty hands on pants* I can't wait to display these! *shakes Kim's hands* I lurve you! *watch Kim grab Clorox and wash hands*

The Retired One said...

How freakin' cool to be spiced and given a name!!
(I am eternally grateful that I wasn't named Fine Bacon Spam and Sexy Cullinary Spice. Whew. I know it must have been I will take the Fine Wine and Sexy Lingerie Spice title and wear it with pride! (Especially the wine, I tend to spill). Now, with a bestowed name like THAT I am sure to get all the pervert readers and Followers. Woo Hoo! (I'll take more Followers, what the heck!!) ha light up my life too...your humor starts out my mornings with delight!

The Retirement Chronicles

Banteringblonde said...

OH my goodness you are on fire!!! congrats


YOU are my new best friend! But in a cool, deckster kind of way, not a creepy stalkerish kind of way. Unless you like that.

But anywaaaay.....thanks for the Fan Award! So very fun and much appreciated! This deserves a shoutout on the blog - check it out!

I am Harriet said...

And one heck of an awesome contributor to Sited and Blogged too!

ps. I really enjoyed your post :)

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

How do you protect your pics so people can't copy them? And your text too?

Come on, don't leave Yoda in the dark here!!

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