Friday, April 10, 2009

Take a Leap of Faith

My giveaway is almost over, and if you haven't entered, you should right now! I know this book will surprise you and not be what you expected, and even be more than you did expect, in a very good and refreshing way! Does that make sense?

And since it is Good Friday, stop by here too.

Have a wonder Easter and Resurrection Day!

PS the ground was just two feet below, funny how things aren't always what they seem...


The Retired One said...

Wow, that picture gave me a heart attack.
Now, what is your address again? (so that I can call Protective Services because your kids are totally in danger!)
Just kidding....I am sure this is not what it appears...!!
Have a super Easter!

The Retirement Chronicles

Insanitykim said...

HAHA! I know, right, Joan?

When we drove up to that lookout (in Alaska last year)Josh knew the ground was only two feet down on the other side, I didn't. Jacob ran over to the ledge and jumped and yeah, I nearly DIED! (he had just had neck surgery so I was jittery anyway). After I picked my heart up off the floor and put it back in, I had him do it again so I could take a pic ;). You too have a blessed one!!!

w said...

sigh. everything is so slow.

it feels like the end of things. like. getting a tan in the er ward.

that picture is not right.

Vickie said...

That is one cool picture!!

Siddhartha said...

Wonderful! The place is full of cool!

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