Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twittered Tuesday

Note to self: being smacked on the forehead with a big rubber ball does NOT feel good.

I am behind in all areas of technology; I shall do my form of "twittering" until the next social networking sensation comes along, then I will twitter the way the world does now...for I just cannot conform that much.

I had a dream that Locke went berserk, and was running around killing people. He even jumped networks and killed Dr. House! He was cutting everyone’s head off! I think it was that last lemon bar I ate before bed…

I got a call from a guy who announced happily that I had won a 2 day cruise to the Bahamas. What? A TWO DAY cruise? Are you SERIOUS? Do I get to sleep in the belly of the ship, and shovel coal into the furnace too?? Does that come with a guaranteed Norovirus package, complete with raging fever, explosive diarrhea, and endless projectile vomiting? Will we see a rogue iceberg, and hit it and sink, while Celine Dion belts out that song and beats her chest? Or, when my two days are up, will you just shove me off the side and I get to swim home??? Oh, sign me up NOW! I so hung up on him. Loser.

Are my twitters getting too long? Are they like, MEGAtwitters, or actual blog posts?

I totally had an awesome blog post idea at like 2 am, and I DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN AND NOW FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS! (crying uncontrollably while downing sugar cookies) Learn from my mistake, unless you REALLY love cookies.

Audrey ran into the kitchen and screamed, “WHAT? The sugar cookies are GONE? That’s IMPOSSIBLE!!” No, sweet child, it is not… *wiping crumbs off my lips*

By the way, Africa is STILL on my back! Oh, don’t know about Africa? Just read this post. Yeah it’s long. So what. Read it.

Hmmm...I am a bit abrasive, cranky, cantankerous and arrogant today. It's either PMS or I am a 70-year-old man.

I was SO bummed to find out this freezing weather just makes the evil bugs dig deeper into the warm dirt so they can survive. I want them to DIE DIE DIE DIE!

I found a new way to waste copious amounts of time on FB. It's called, Sorority Life. I am guilt ridden and giddy, all at the same time. Please help me. No, never mind. Just join my house so I can buy a stretch Hummer.

Jacob loves this new song on Madagascar 2. I think he’s gonna like REAL women! (the crowd jumps to their feet and cheers!) Cause there "ain’t nothing wrong, with lovin’ chunky”.

Should I be concerned if I really, really like watching the hippos dance?


This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Nah, don't be concerned about your love for the dancing hippos...it can't be any worse than me telling my husband that I think I am developing a crush on Peter Pan. ;)

Banteringblonde said...

are you a 70 year old man? lol

Insanitykim said...

Yeah Yoda...Peter Pan is pretty cool...but let's stick with Luke Skywalker, post car wreck, ok? ;)

And sometimes, Fiona, when I catch a glimpse of my legs in the mirror, I think I am...

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Ok, I won't abandon dear Luke...

Now all I need is to get one of those retro "I heart Luke" t-shirts...lol

robin said...

i too have been busted by my children in the kitchen when it comes to missing food. it's the ice cream. it calls to me. i am evil. i lie. i say to them after they have whined about how there is none left...."grandma must've eaten it, but let's not say anything. it might hurt her feelings...."

i think i will work out today....

TheClayMuse said...

I love the blog Kim, I'm following you now..
And there is no need to be ashamed, i myself have no children and I sing along to Disney and Muppet Movies (did my man get me Muppet Treasure Island for V-day.. and did I happily jump up dance and sing along to "We have Cabin Fever".. oh yes I did)

Anonymous said...

My Twitters for today (if I twittered):

I am sitting in child support court. It's really really boring.

Ooh! One guy is raising his voice! Maybe he will throw a punch and liven up this place.

I am disgusted that I was interested in violence.

I am starving.to.death. Whoever believes that gum can help curb hunger is stupid.

I can't help thinking that the reason we have child support court is sex.

w said...

you see? you see what watching house does?

i have a hummer. and i'm a reporter. i need to go play the sl version of bejeweled to win another chanel no. 5. i'm almost all out of the one i got earlier today.

may i have a tan?

Ripper Arts said...

Amused again today. Thanks for helping me to crack a smile. I think I am a 70 man! Grumpy old man!

Vickie said...

I love the music video. It is a crack up!

Oh come on, join the twitter bandwagon:)

Your Locke dream was hilarious!

Insanitykim said...


You all are cracking me up too!

Yes Vickie, the dream was scary. I did not like it. I was hiding!

Jennifer said...

At least you quasi-Twitter. I don't even 'Twi'. BTW, I'll use any excuse to eat cookies at 2 am... matter of fact, I'm going to think of a good blog post idea and then forget it so I can have some right now!

The Retired One said...

Love the video! I think I shall sing it all night long as I cook dinner! haha

Insanitykim said...

Hello ClayMuse and Ripper Arts, glad you stopped by and hope to see ya around!

w...look how far we have come in sl since this post...vartanly far!

robs...kearsie...I know u feel me...I feel ya!!!

Yes Jennifer, we must find every reason to eat cookies...I have several! :)

And yes Retired One...I keep finding myself wanting to watch that video, over and over...me likey.

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