Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

Hey if you haven't checked out Audrey's birthday card in the previous post, don't forget to, because before I found that farting penguin birthday card (which is perfect), I found many that bordered on demonic possession and carnival carnage…Youtube can be scary.

OK...PBS has cameras in my house; today Sesame Street talked about going to the dentist (see below) and Curious George is talking about making sandwiches, which just happens to be Audrey's bday dinner request for tonight. *eyes darting everywhere...looking for little cameras*

I was on medication, for a week, that causes hallucinations; if this post doesn't make you believe that, then go read my Bird-Brain post. But I am off the meds now, and I am getting better. I think…

Audrey is now telling people she sees that she can wrestle them, and win. She is so friendly.

I saw a Ped Egg at Rite Aid today. It looked like a cheese grater. Thinking about shaved skin and Parmesan cheese at the same time was not good for me, and probably not good for you either. Sorry.

I was checking Jacob’s math and told him his answer was wrong, but he quickly showed me I was wrong and how. Do you know how happy that made him? Do you know how happy that made me???

Do you think that Prince has sold out by heavily promoting his new album at Target and on Late Night shows?I have to say though, whatever anti-wrinkle cream he is using I want it!

How do you stop your kids from freaking out about little ants crawling on their arms if you can’t even stop yourself from freaking out? Umm..

Some bloggers I enjoyed have disappeared. Do you think it’s possible alien abductions?

Do you know how hard it is to find rainboots for a boy in size three? Please don’t suggest ebay…I am not desperate yet.

My kids go to the dentist tomorrow and you can BET I will be blogging about that one (knees shaking, palms sweating).

My great friend and faithful commenter (riiiiiiiiiiight??) Robin has been waiting all day for my Tuesday Twitters post, and here it is. It’s great to be the icing on someone’s “cake”! Mmmmmm…icing…


robin said...

ohhhhh! i am the first commenter! wooohoooo! thanks for the props kimmers and i agree about the whole ebay thing. it is really a big pain. i am way too lazy for all that and much prefer craigs list.

Kearsie said...

Ahhhh... (that's my sigh of relief)

Tuesday is complete.

The Retired One said...

1.The PBS cameras are really in your bathroom, because they know how you are about cleanliness in THERE.
2.How do you know that THIS is not a hallucination?
3. I hope she becomes famous on the wrestling channel with some cool name like "Muscle Mama" and supports you in THE HOME.
4. I LOVE PedEgg. It has been the only thing from them coming and declaring that they have found a new breed of living lizard in Michigan.
5. Wait until he hits Trigonometry. You won't even understand the questions!
6.That is NOT Prince. I am convinced he is rocking at THE HOME and this is a stand in. (You can only hope that when your kids put you in THE HOME, you can be his roomie).
7.There are NO little ants crawling up your kids arms, that is your hallucinations again.
8. The bloggers ARE Aliens, silly.
9. Why does he need rainboots? Are you making him run behind the car?
10. You can do it. Maybe they will give you one of those kiddie toothbrushes and posters for your room, but only if you are good.
11. You are the icing and the filling in a lot of people's cakes...keep blogging...we love ya!

w said...

hallucinations? do you sip pro? or sometimes see pro?

dude. the cd is only 11.98. poor prince. wait. is he prince again? idk. i lost track of him when he became scribbly line.

i have a pedegg at my house. incidently, we're having spaghetti tonight.

you are one of my most talented and cullerful friends. wouldn't you edgree?


I'm soooo excited to be back and able to get to inappropriate sites so imagine my delight when I get to your post - it's all jiggy and decky and farty. The perfect welcome back!

Jennifer said...

I have a Ped Egg and it doesn't grate my parmesan heels at all! It just roughs them up a bit. Maybe I'll need to get something more along the lines of a jack hammer...

Anonymous said...

lol! About 80% of the time, my teenager will ask for help with her homework... after I have shared my knowledge, she will sigh, roll her eyes, and walk away. Can I really be wrong 80% of the time? LOL!

TheClayMuse said...

Great tweets... awesome comments..
Man I just love this blog!

Insanitykim said...

Robin: You're welcome, dear. Craig's list...hmmm...nope. Still too freaked out about foot fungus...especially with rain boots...ewww..

Kearsie: That was a short twit for you! No, not twix... ;)

R.O. HAHAHAHHA! But I especially loved #11...thank you! :)

w.: I think you Mayerbe right...edspecially about me being talented...and I bet Prince uses a ped egg...

Lulu: Oh yeah! We got all sorts of sounds and smells around here...careful, the smells might stick in your clothes...

Jennifer: Let me know how that goes...at least that doesn't make me think of cheese (ACK!)

Melissa: I am sure I won't be homeschooling by then, especially if it gets worse! I'll let my hubby do it; he has the stinkin' PhD anyway!

TheClayMuse: Thank you! I like this world a lot more than the one in my head; it's much funnier. ;)

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I saw that Prince/Target commercial recently and thought it was a little weird that he would be doing that....

And yes, I think its very hard to convince your child not to freak about the bugs when they see their mommy run out onto the street...and potentially into traffic... to get away from a bee.....I am a work in progress....

I have been so bad about putting work into my blog lately. Life has been uber-stressful ever since I started watching my neighbor's daughter. My last day is Friday...and I am practically counting the minutes....is that terrible? Can't wait to get back to seeing and sharing the funny side of life with my kiddos more regularly.....

Loved the pics from Audrey's b-day on FB! :)

Vickie said...

Funny twit. I sometimes think that when I am on Facebook or even blogging. Though on twitter, never.

I never shop on Ebay. I have heard some scary stories.

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