Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

OK, so two mosquito bites one day, and then two inches of snow the next. I SO hope that killed enough off to like, KILL KILL KILL KILL them all…forever…I can dream…

I heard snipping noises upstairs while my son was in the bathroom. I called him down and inquired of this noise. He happily announced that he brushed his teeth and clipped his own nails. I asked him where his nail clippings went, his eyes got big as he said, “they exploded everywhere!”

John Mayer and Jen Aniston broke up again. I really don’t care. But it does allow me to like his music even more. If you don’t like John Mayer, you might have problems…

The spam fried rice was awesome! You have no idea how much I ate, because 5 cups of prepared rice is a lot. I may never eat fried rice again. Nah. I’ll make it next week…

I got my Girl Scout cookies! They heard my non-stop wailing and came selling to my door. However, the second boxes’ bag was busted. I threw it out, in case they were trying to poison me. Don’t you watch 24?

I am scared to go back to the clubhouse to use the treadmill, but I am much more scared of June-September. So I will go and run, again.

When I look at my arms from the top they look nice and thin. When I look at them from the side they look…long…not like, from shoulder to fingertips, more like, bicep to tricep. Does this make sense? OK…I have Bingo Wings.

Audrey told a joke: “Why did the belt go to jail? Because it had pants and a shirt!” Hmmm…maybe it would have been funnier if she had used the word, “poop”.

I “jumped the shark”, and I liked it.

OK so you know the movie First Knight with Richard Gere (as Lancelot) and Sean Connery (as King Arthur) and that chick (as That Chick)? And that kiss between Lancelot and That Chick at the end, when they get caught by King Arthur? Now, I KNOW it was a wrong, sinful, evil kiss, bad bad bad, and I KNOW they deserved death or whatever, but, I dare you to say that isn’t one of THE most passionate kisses you have ever seen, and that you don’t want your husband to walk into a room and kiss you that way. King Arthur needed to take some lessons apparently…but ya know, she’s a chick, I mean, Lancelot saved her like what, THREE times? Where was King Arthur during all of that…wait, this is becoming a blog post…

I FINALLY found a foundation and powder that match my complexion: death. It’s gonna rock with my black hair and nails…how old am I?

The stairs in our apartment are loud enough that I can hear hubby coming downstairs, which gives me just enough time to jump up and look like I am doing something, ya know, important or, relevant, and not playing on FB or my blog.

Jim and Pam better get married soon. And if they don’t, or they break up, I will sue NBC.


This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I voted for you! :)

Ok so I have to confess that I have been a terrible friend and didn't drop your surprise in the mail yet. But it IS coming. Trust me. I wouldn't lie to a fellow July 10th wonder!

I left you something on my blog....gee, I wonder what it could be?! ;)

Anonymous said...

My Twitters for today:

I wore make up today. I feel like a kid who got into Mommy's make up bag. This makes me feel Guilty. I'm contemplating washing my face ergo washing The Guilt away.

I forgot to wear green. Does it count if your eyes are green on St. Patrick's Day?

Who thought up "if you're not wearing green, I will pinch you"? I want to pinch that guy.

Got bangs yesterday. What they really are is "get into my eyeball every time I move".

The Retired One said...

Oh dear,I am up for vote there too...but I will vote for you, because you make me laugh every day!!!

Insanitykim said...

Thanks for voting!

Yoda...ok it is! Gifts come they do, should they when...wow that didn't work...I am SO excited and thanks for the award! I shall post it proudly!!

Kearsie, I must see your bangs!

And R.O. I voted for you too! So glad we can share laughs!!!

w said...

spam friend rice.

i'm so glad i never saw that movie first knight. i can't stand that chick.


i'm going to just ignore the jenmayer twitter.


Anonymous said...

The "jumping up from the computer thing"..... I do that too, lol!


Treadmills are scarier than poop.

Jim and Pam rock.

As do you.. You're poopalicious.

Insanitykim said...

w - twitterpoop

Melissa, I know right? Thank goodness for creaking stairs!

Lulu...what if there was POOP on the treadmil??? Oh the horror! I bet Jim and Pam poop in front of each other, what do you think? heh heh...poopalicious...

robin said...

o.k.....MY favorite kiss scenes include:
edward and bella in twilight....sha-ding!
kim and pam on the office.....awwwwwe!
and this sounds cheesy, but the kiss between tom hanks and helen hunt in castaway. after years of talking to a volleyball, the dude deserves a kiss!

Insanitykim said...

OK I just want to clear up that Robin means JIM and Pam on the show The Office...

And yes, that kiss too, although AGAIN wrong, as she was engaged was...wow...they better get married!!!

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