Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

So, I made it back to the gym and rocked the elliptical! While I was there Jack Waggoner was on that soap show, and I am pretty sure the cast of Twilight and Michael Jackson were on there too. Jack kept his shirt on. Whew!

I have an AWESOME giveaway coming up very soon! Wait for it, 'tis cool!!

I took the kids out to plant flowers. It was 40 degrees and sunny. I got sunburned. How does that happen in March you ask? Well, I am the color of...white.

I forgot how much more human I look after I finally pluck my eyebrows.

I am gonna dye my hair black again; it’s the only color that truly makes sense. So, instead of being a brunette or a redhead I shall be a blackhead. Hmmm…maybe I'll need some biore pore strips too…

What’s the purpose of ear wax again?

The stinky squirrels dug up some of my flowers! I dusted everything with cayenne pepper but they came back…thems tough squirrels!

Have you stopped by wendiwinn’s giveaway yet and entered? Hurry up! Well, what are you waiting for, a blog-guided invitation?? Wait…

I have decided I must go to a John Mayer concert. Just has to happen…figure the easiest way to do this is to become famous, befriend Jen, and score some free tickets. Buying them is just too hard.

I am a PRO at baking air! If anyone wants some warm, yummy, baked air, call me.

See this awesome necklace?

Well it is named after ME! How cool is that? Go here and check it out!!

Is anyone as sick of the love rectangle on LOST as I am? And can someone tell Kate that if she doesn’t stop frowning, her face will permanently freeze that way? Maybe it’s too late…

Sigh…are you ever just so lazy that it’s even too much effort to complete a full thou


w said...

no one visited my giveaway from your twitters. mainly because you put the wrong link down. psych.

i want hot air. um.

it's pretty. that necklace. but did you see the one that was named after me? old man warty chin OH YEAH.

please don't go to a mayer concert. and don't befriend jen. (this counts as name usage.)

TheClayMuse said...

I've had sunburn in March.. the color of white.. classic!

Anonymous said...

My Twitters for today:

I feel like there is something in my nose but it won't come out.

Child support court is only for cool people. That's why I'm front row center.

I suspect the secret ingredients in Diet Coke are keeping me fat.

I want something in Jenny Bunny's shop to be named after ME. Major jealousy right here.

I want to talk about Twilight to someone who understands.

The Retired One said...

1. I never go to a gym and elliptical is a dirty word.

2. I have no giveaways coming up soon, unless you count my garbage. (Monday is garbage day here, so have at it).

3. My kids have no interest in planting flowers. They are in their 30's. And, we still have a foot of snow. It was icey today. The snow is even whiter than your skin, and we hope the snow burns.

4. I forgot how human I look when I pluck my chin hairs.

5. I will dye my hair any color other than gray. Yep, I'm ancient.

6. Ear wax is the original super glue. You can repair almost anything with it (like McGuyver).
Also, if you scoop enough of it out and apply a wick, you can use it as a candle.

7.The squirrels like that you seasoned the bulbs for them, yum. They ask that next time you also add salt.

8.Give-a-ways are just evil plots to get you to do abnormal things that are a Pain in the butt.

9.Concerts are for wimps. Just stalk him, break into his house and make him sing for you at gunpoint.

10. I'm a pro at MAKING air. Does that count?

11. The necklace is awesome if you belong to a chain gang and want to use it as a weapon.

12. I am mad at the SciFi channel, because it got me hooked on LOST and then dropped it, so I am stuck in between an unknown season of shows and another unknown season, not knowing where they left it off. I may never find out what show I stopped at....
And, Kate can use Botox...they must have poisonous snakes on the island to extract it from!!!!

Insanitykim said...

w - don't scare me like that! whew! It's right...I checked!

Muse - White, yes, classic! My new farmer tan? pathetic.

Kearsie...I hate to say it, but there IS some truth, from multiple studies, to that diet coke theory! That's why I drink full-on sugary coke...seriously!

R.O. - you are no more "lost" than any of us caught up to the newest epi...it's so sad. But Kate's face is already frozen...I don't know what she needs!

Anonymous said...

I checked out the necklace. I think it's named after you because it's "antique"! Oh, man. That was mean. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Also, I just noticed that there is a necklace named after *me*. *sniff* I'm so happy. And also too broke to afford to buy the necklace named after me.

Vickie said...

I gotta check to see if they is a necklace named after me!

Here are my twits:
I am not liking Kate right now.
Somedays, Facebook confuses me.
I am doing landry right now, it is 12:11 am.
Where is Publishers Clearinghouse with my check:)

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