Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

Audrey is now emphatic about everything; I tell you, she is SERIOUS! About…everything! Seriously! And "for reals!" Where does she get this stuff?

I wonder, is it OK for kids to run around with straws in their mouth? What about pencils? That was strictly a hypothetical, random, rhetorical question…

FYI, Jacob has gas, and he doesn’t like it. Neither do I.

Remember this dog covered in mud in that one post I did? Well, I want this dog. Even if it’s covered in mud. It is so cuteness.

When I went to the clubhouse to walk on the treadmill, there was this show on VH1 with crazy couples chasing pigs that would become their pets/kids. And one of the pigs had a problem with his thingie…it was hanging out like a curly purple worm, and I was walking next to this obviously college-aged guy and he snickered, and I was so embarrassed I tripped and slid off the treadmill and got a tread mark on my face. No not really, but in my mind I did…

At this time I have three zits on my forehead. If you drew lines to connect them, they would form a perfect isosceles triangle. I feel a homeschooling opportunity about to burst on the scene!

I will make spam fried rice. And I am really excited about it. Thanks, wendiwinn!!! I hope you rig your giveaway so I will win!

I was happy to see that in this past week’s epi of LOST, Locke didn’t chop anyone’s head off…

I love my purse.

I couldn’t buy Girl Scout cookies when I went shopping as I didn’t have a debit card OR cash. I cried for 4 hours.

My hair is Hot Mess. It blew around in the wind today as I was walking through a parking lot, and not even the wind could cool down its Hotness. I ache for women who walk into a building with an entirely different hairstyle than when they left the house.

Some "super" model announced in the news (“news”, ha!) that she “eats like a pig”. I am pretty sure she meant she "eats like a bird”, because she eats a lot and yet stays skeletal thin and is thus light as a bird. Because seriously, have you ever seen a pig eat? Have you EVER seen a model eat???

I think Audrey got "serious" from me. Seriously. For reals.


w said...

jacob's gas found it's way here. i don't like it either.

who's this wendiwinn you're always mentioning? she sounds way awesome. for serious.

i think the model meant she likes to eat pig. and by pig, she probably means the single bacon bit on her salad. hold the mayernaise. psh. models and their 'tan.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I wish I lived close to you- I would bring you a PMS Survival Basket filled with chocolate and other fun treats/goodies.

Hmm, I just might have to pop something special in the mail for you....

Insanitykim said...

What?? Yoda?? What is it?? Must I check?? Did I????

w...maybe it was a itty bitty spam square next to the three pieces of rice and half a pea on her plate...eh? Mayerbe? I need a 'tan too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Twits.

Mine today:

I think there is a hair in my bra. It itches.

Cream cheese frosting does not feel good when it goes up your nose. Trust me on this.

I watched Step Up. Why can't I be blessed with mad dancing skills?

Vickie said...

I love the twitter comic:)

I am sorry about the Girl Scout cookies:( I am still waiting for mine from my nieces. But that could be a good thing. I would just eat them for breakfast.

I am having a minor giveaway on my blog. More like a minor garage sale. Check it out when you have time.

The Retired One said...

Your mind works in mysterious and deep ways. Love the random thoughts...LMAO!!!
Did you see my award to you on my blog?
Go get it girlfriend!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure that super model isn't eating DELICIOUS Spam fried rice! Mmmm... I love Spam.

Insanitykim said...

Kearsie...you just have ONE hair in your bra? Sheesh...I almost need to shave...

Vickie, I am eating Vanilla Wafers for breakfast because there are no GS cookies...Vanilla is in one of the food groups, right?

Thanks R.O! And THANK YOU for the award! I shall display it proudly!!!:)

And Jennifer, because I am SO excited about the spam fried rice, I am prepared to give up my modeling career to eat it. There. Just did.

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