Friday, March 6, 2009

Playing Tag w/ Voyeurs, Rosebuds & Hand Sanitizer

Let's all come clean right now.

We are voyeurs AND exhibitionists. We are. Just accept it, OK? In fact, we are B.L.O.G.G.E.R.S.:

Eyedrops and

OK so that fell apart. BUT we DO love being let into people's lives and spewing about our own, don't we? It is a fetish that sprouts in childhood (think about sneaking into your parent's room, to look in their drawers AND how much you loved "show and tell" of all kinds!) that usually wanes a bit as we get older, but for us, it rooted deeply and bloomed somewhere between Blogger and Wordpress.

So, with that long introduction, I am happily displaying the results of me being tagged, by my great bloggy Retired Friend, for, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT'S IN YOUR PURSE????"

So, without further delay, here is my purse:

Yeah, isn't it great? My first expensive purse, that I got for a screamin' deal! It has everything I need. It's got all the basic colors to match my shoes, it's nice and deep, it has inside pockets that zip, and two little side pockets to hold my phone and my hand sanitizer. Plus I think it's super great. Now, what was inside when I took this pic?

OK! So, we have a couple of pens, my checkbook and all the small, rectangular plastic thingies I need secured by a yellow ponytail holder thingie, a DOLLAR! DOLLAR TREE HERE I COME! Um...a great book that I am reading and hoping to do a giveaway for someday, some water in an un-earth friendly plastic bottle (don't judge) an archaic cell phone, because like I told you all, I am behind the times, a used tissue (thanks, Audrey) and my Altoids. Good stuff...

Now, two important things were missing on this day. One, my makeup.

Nothing fancy, but, there's some foundation, powder, eyeliner, gloss and mascara in there. Yes. I know, you are all giddy right now.

And, the most important thing my purse was missing that day, my little bottle of hand sanitizer.

Yeah it doesn't fit too well, but I like my purse. And I need my sanitizer. Ask anyone who knows me.

So, were you ready to stop reading? You can't. Why?


So that was my fancy schmancy purse that I look cool walking around with, where other women with cool purses walk around, at The Mall. But, when we go on hikes, the zoo, or somewhere where I don't want to actually hold my cool purse, I need something practical. Like this!

This is a Fanny Pack in disguise! It's like a Liver Pack! This purse goes across the body and rests pretty much above my liver. So great! I got this off of Amazon and I loves it! It fits close to the body, has a little pocket up top for the cell phone, and can hold a water bottle with no problem AND it isn't that ugly! Here is what was in it:

Some "leather" gloves from Rite Aid, a LIST to Rite Aid, my gym entrance card, and a pen. I am sure this is what Britney Spears is carrying these days, especially on her frequent jaunts to Rite Aid. Are you getting a clear picture of how incredibly COOL I am yet??

OH OH OH and look at my new shoes!

No, this is not an unmatched pair, but yeah, two more great Amazon purchases! The Colombia sandals are for the zoo, to wear with my Liver Pack, (I will probably wear ankle socks with them too, because again, I am THAT cool!) and my new brown sandals that go with my new cool purse, make me scream, "I LOVE being 35!"

Look at the embellishments...

Won't these shoes look great with my red toenails and buffed heels? I know you SO want to be seen with me at the mall. And Rite Aid. Man I am cool.

Now, I am sure, if you are still awake, you are wondering what happened to my OLD purse, right? Of course you are! I gave it to Audrey, and, when I did, she responded as if I had given her a million dollars:

Awwww. Sad little purse. A $14 buy from Fred Meyer. Served me well. Now, what is inside Audrey's new purse?

OK...we have a tongue depressor, a few Legos, a gum wrapper, the little booklet that came with my Colombia sandals, a red string, a shiny quarter and a little bottle of hand sanitizer from my friend wendiwinn, and a note that says, "Dive" Audge is well on her way to being super cool like her mama!

Well I don't know about you but I am exhausted. This was like cleaning my kitchen!

Now, I want to know what's in all of your purses, anyone who reads this! Comment and let me know if you will do the "what's in your purse" post so I can satisfy my nosy disposition. But, I am especially calling out three bloggers, and they better respond, or I will make fun of them.

Hey Lola: I am SO interested in your purse. And your underwear drawer, and any personal file of yours I could get my hands on...

Wendiwinn: Yep, you're being tagged. I am hoping Spam is in your purse.

Much More than Mommy: Don't clean your purse before you do this! DON'T DO IT!!!

OK I need a nap!


Anonymous said...

One day, we shall go to the zoo, or to riteaid, and you shall wear your orthopaedic sandals and liver bag, and I shall wear my outdated crocs and my cheap Walmat bag, and we shall be the coolest 30-somethings around. Even cooler, maybe I'll wear my SATAN IS A NERD T-shirt and find some sexy coolots.

I say we bring our kids and embarrass them mightily.

Insanitykim said...

*tingly inside*

I am SO there with you, Kearsie!!!

Unknown said... really know how to inspire dread in someone, huh? I just told James about my task and he laughed...a lot.

Insanitykim said...

Hey Lola,

I try. I figure any intense emotion is a good one, eh?

And that laugh is mine...don't take it from me!

The Retired One said...

Thanks for doing the deed...Very interesting you little germaphobic! I LOVED the shot with the gigantic sanitizer stuck in your lovely bag. And the extra liver bag? Priceless1 You did me proud!
We just pulled in our Michigan driveway from our big trip to Florida and of course I had to read blogs before I wash clothes or your post was a great read! Thanks for doing it and passing it on!!!

Insanitykim said...

Glad you're back R.O.! And happy to have made the grade with my purse(s) reveal AND that you did nothing before you checked the blogs!! :)

It was fun! Thanks!

w said...

i am equal to the task. i shall play. and you know i don't usually play these tag games.

and why is the hand sanitizer that i gave you in your old purse?

i want a liver pack. though. i'm more apt to call it a lung pack. it's great. men can wear it. into the john. mayerbe.

old wart chin man "oh yeah"

Jennifer said...

The hand sanitizer! Ahaha! ROTFL!

Anonymous said...

:-) Great post - thanks for the giggles - I needed it today - it has been snowing all day. XO

Unknown said...

I did it. With a picture. It was difficult. I'm really tired now. And light headed. You owe me.

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