Monday, October 26, 2009

Insanity Mondays

Everyone needs to be taught how to share. I have taught this lesson to my kids 1,356 times today alone.

I am losing the fort ya'all! My early 7:30 awakenings have turned into a forced crawl out of bed at 8:15. As I said to someone recently, I need to write a letter to Motivation and Procrastination, but really I don't see the point and I am too lazy anyway...

Hey did I mention that Gimpy, the bird we saved, came back?! Yeah! He crash landed on his back and flipped over, and ate and socialized with the other birds, sometimes on his back. The kids were so happy to see we had actually saved him for reals!

He brought a friend with him, one who was smaller and weaker. He would stay on the patio in the rain, even when Gimpy flew away, and I worried about him. He was so exposed.

That was probably the reason why the stupid stray cat came and SNATCHED THE POOR BIRD RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY KIDS! I banged on the window, which made the stupid cat turn and look at me, with the little bird in his stupid mouth. He laughed at me and sauntered off. Stupid cat.

Audrey then found every loophole possible to use the word, "stupid" (I don't know where she gets it) as she sobbed and plotted the cat's demise.

Jacob kept saying, "Audrey, I know it's sad, but, that's just nature!"

Her and I then had some serious talks about revenge, and how revenge, unless you're a fictional super hero who chooses to wear spandex, is actually wrong.

And Jacob scored his first goal! You know how I am all like, not into getting up super early and standing in the rain. Well, Audrey was still recovering from the flu, so I missed my son battling the elements and carrying his team, which was short some of the better players, and his ability to overcome a smack to the face from the ball, and scoring in the last minute of the game to tie it up! We are SO proud!

My zit cream seems to have stopped working. Do you know how traumatic this is?

Also, did you know that eating cookies all week actually is a great diet? I mean, that's just my opinion. I can't further research this claim however, because all the cookies are gone. Now the question remains, am I too lazy to make more, or am I motivated enough to make more cookies so I can eat them all day?

So, Jacob likes a girl that is mean to him. I am 2 seconds away from intervening, but we are working on realizing that when someone hurls their purse at your face, for no reason, you need to STOP LIKING THEM THAT WAY! Also, Audrey informed me a little boy told her that he likes her, and when he started chasing her she turned around and screamed, "I have a bad cough leave me alone!" It seems threatening illness works even in the 6-8 year old range! However, she went on to explain that she thinks he's "really cute" because he has "big eyes, brown hair, and a nice round head."

I watched Forrest Gump for the first time. Do you know how dorky I am gonna look quoting a movie that is 15 years old? Like, seriously dorky, and that's all I have to say about that.

It's only Monday. Someone please help me!

On a less insane note, look at this!

And this dreamy enchanted photo!

I love my camera, I love nature walks with my kids! Have a great Monday ya'all!!


Kearsie said...

I know exactly what that cat needed. And it rhymes with the word "cities".

w said...

so jacob likes a mean girl. does she have cully hair? you must resist from intervarning.

my words aren't as good as yours. it's the cat's fault. unedumayercated cat.

The Retired One said...

I STILL like that cricket. I swear he is GRINNING!!!
You gotta name him now. Maybe a contest?

April D said...

That cricket looks like a Petey! :-)

Yes. Don't intervene. Either the little girl likes your son and she's showing it in the most obvious way... LOL... Or she wants him to stay away from her. ;-) BUT... if she's SO mean that she's causing physical harm, then, yeah, I'd encourage him to find a girl more worthy. :-)

Jennifer said...

ROTFLMBO! Wow, your children have love lives now?! ;-) Oh, to only be concerned about boys' pretty eyes and nicely shaped heads!

Cluttered Brain said...

I'm with the retired one on the grinning cricket. I totally thought so just didn't say anything with my last comment. You should do a contest of sorts in naming him.

I'm naming him "Happy" for obvious reasons. I'll think of a poem or something to go with him in the morning...:D

Lynn Kellan said...

Kim, why does zit cream stop working???? WHY! I'd really like to know.


insanity kim sorry about the zit and i'll let me son know that if the girls are yelling at him about illnesses (real or imagined) that it's time to let go let God - hey could you do me a little fav and change your comment thing to a pop up box so i don't have to get carpal tunnel scrolling CLEAR down the page? hmmm? not to make you more insane or anything :)

Insanitykim said...

I am writing this from a pop-up window. I listen...I learn.

Unknown said...

Amazing photos, darling!

You are such a good mom... I don't know how you do it!

Stephanie said...

Oh good grief! I had so much to say about this post. The kitty the bird. Then I got to the Forest Gump! Seriously!

I just don't know how you went this long without understanding that life is like a box of chocolates! Love it:O

Stephanie said...

Hey Kim
I came back to tell you I left an award for you over at my blog!



Vickie said...

I like the pop up window:)

Wait a minute you finally watch Forest Gump for the first time!!

I am just so glad my girl thinks kissing is gross.

I have to say that bug picture is cool.

Stacy Uncorked said...

YESSSS! The pop up window works so much better! :)

The pictures are AMAZING!! If you do write a letter to Motivation and Procrastination and get results, please share, mmmmkay? ;)

Oh man that stupid cat! That's funny that Jacob kept saying it's nature! :)

Hmmmm...eating cookies all week is a great diet? I'll have to give that one a try... ;)

You watched Forrest Gump for the first time??

That cricket is totally grinning... :)

Nicole @ said...

Are those photos really by you?! Stupid question... But wow those are gorgeous. I thought you got them from somewhere and then I read how you love your camera. I love the last one the best.

Stopping by from SITS, and thanking you for the laugh.

SierraMac said...

Yeah....I'm still trying to figure out what rhymes with "cities."

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