Sunday, October 11, 2009



This was my most successful giveaway ever!!! You all ROCKED! *sniff sniff* and to all my new followers, HELLO! So happy to have you here! *hugs all around, as long as you haven't had a fever in the last 24 hours*. To all my seasoned followers, *lip quivering* thank you for sticking around, I know how hard it is sometimes. You're all so amazing. Seriously. *blowing kisses with sanitized hands*

I carefully recorded all 154 VALID entries and used the fancy-shmancy Random Number Generator to generate the winning number, 39!



It's you! You won! Freak out and jump around and do a happy dance like, immediately! Are you doing it? You better! This was your winning comment.

Nancy said...

I also like the Honey I Washed the Kids soap Nancy
So Nancy, contact me before Wednesday, Oct 14th 12 pm EST to claim your prize, or else the RNG will choose another winner! And believe me there are some people who are hoping your power goes out, or you spill coffee on your computer, but I am sure they all like you and want you to be safe, despite their ill-will due to losing...

So, to all of you who didn't win, sorry! *handing you a tissue that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses*! You're all winners in my book, does that count? And keep checking my blog for awesome posts (well, that may be a stretch) and any giveaways I promote in the right column of my blog. Chances are I want to win whatever I am promoting, but, since I feel so bad about you all not winning (except YAY Nancy! *fist bump*) I will not be stingy in my desire to win cool stuff...

And thank you again to So Stinking Sweet for doing a fantastic giveaway on this here little blog! *massive thumbs up because I just sneezed and no sanitizer is around for a firm, sincere handshake*.

Have a great day ya'all, and see ya around. Don't forget to leave me some comment love on my posts of ramblings because that makes me happy and makes me want to do more fun giveaways and stuff!

Peace out!


Nancy said...

Kim, that has to be the most fascinating winner announcement I've ever read. (And not just because I was the winner!) LOL!

I did the happy dance and am sending a hand-sanitized fist bump your way.

I also e-mailed you with my information!

Thanks so much!

w said...

what does this mean? does this mean that i didn't win?

too bad nancy's comayerment was varlid. i would have liked to see the rng pick my numbeder.

also. i know "numbeder" is a stretch. but c'mon. comaymerment and varlid were pretty good.

congrats, nancy.

Vickie said...

That is okay. I am a big girl:)

Congrats to Nancy!!

Cluttered Brain said...

congratulations Nancy!! I am still going to buy something from that Etsy shop! Mmm Good!!! It probably smells so good I could eat it...

Dee said...

How fun was this, huh!
Congratulations Nancy! I will be sending your package out tomorrow! :)
Thanks Kim!!!

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