Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

I was SO social this past weekend that it's been nearly 30 er, four days since my last blog post. Hmmm...I wanted that to be more dramatic and meaningful.

Did you all miss a weekend post? Tell me you did (it will make me feel better).

So, why does my colon hate me? What did I ever do to it? The way I see it, I just chew and swallow the food; it's all my taste buds' fault! I would be perfectly happy to eat bland, fibrous foods but my taste buds are all, "no way! You're eating the fettuccine and the fudge sundae!"

I am SO excited that Conan finally took over The Tonight Show! It's been a loooooooooong three-year wait! Go Conan!!!

I broke out the hair dye this week and dyed my hair. Black. Yes. I am again, a blackhead. Don't try to squeeze me, at least, not too hard.

Two GREAT giveaways are happening right now! Go to Oh! I love that and win you a crazy-eyed monkey (stuffed animal that is) or some vintage earrings over at Sounds Like Tomatoes...go! NOW!!!

By the way, I guest-blogged at Sounds Like Tomatoes...did you read it? If not, you still can, just go here, and comment, telling Kearsie you really want to know about her skin tag story...

But, also, read wendiwinn's comments for that guest post...it is so worth it! I run in a hysterical circle, of friends that is, not like, a circle in my living room...

My daughter danced in a recital this weekend. In the middle of her dance she stopped and yelled at the other girls, "you're doing it wrong!!" She is gonna be President one day, I kid you not.

And I have to figure out how to get my son on Leno/Conan/whatever because I think he is a human calculator. He can compute numbers in his head like I can, um...compute numbers on a calculator. It's amazing!

Did I mention that my neck and shoulder blade hate me too? It's either because I am almost 35, or all that head spinning/twisting/thrashing I did as a kid. I had to stop using the heating pad for fear that Europe would show up on my right side, as I still have Africa on the lower left...

Remember that song, "no body likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat some worrrRRRrrroms?" No? Well good for you. No one ever hated you. psh.

My, that was a tad dark and gloomy...have a great Tuesday ya'all, and may you never eat worms!


w said...

i entered both giveaways like you said. what do i get?

i read your guest post on sounds like tomatoes. but. you already know that. because you told everyone i commented. you mentioned me in this tuesday's twitters because you had already mentioned bunny and karissa. you were feeling the guilt.

hugh know wolverine was a backup. not a sol-ed confirm-ed name on my list. my livar hurts. (i'm running out of vars.)

Kearsie said...

Ok, the shakes have finally stopped as I'm getting my Insanity Kim fix. It was a lonnnnnggg weekend without you.

Thanks again for blogging. But if my tag post grosses everyone out and I get the Blog-Shun, I'm coming over here and living, ok?

TheClayMuse said...

omg Kim i sing that song randomly, all the time!
usually followed by extremem eye rolling from my man! :P he thinks i'm so odd.

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