Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why Dads Are Cool

I shall now take my inspiration from fictional dads depicted in movies/TV to explain why dads are so cool...

- He will dress up as an old Scottish woman who hosts an infectious children's show, in order to infiltrate his ex-wife's house to spy on/babysit his children.

- He uses paper towels as diapers.

- He will save you from aliens/dead people/dinosaurs/spiders that crawl out of people's noses...

- He will succumb to all your wedding wishes, even when he can't bond with the flamboyant coordinator who has that impossible accent.

- He will fight Nazis with you, even though he named you after the family dog.

- He will save you from terrorists who kidnapped you, all while flexing his amazing muscles.

- Once he sees you dance, he will support your dropping out of high school to dance on TV with your boyfriend.

- He'll hold the security guard at the amusement park at gun point just so you can ride all the rides as a family...for free...

- He'll let you become a human to marry the hot guy you met while sneaking around near the beach...

-Again, once he sees you dance, he won't care that you were shacking up with the hot, shirtless dance teacher instead of eating sweet gherkins with the owner's creepy nephew during your family's summer vacation.

- He repeatedly allows you to move back home, when you drop out of college, lose your job, get married without telling anyone, or need a loan to buy your own house. He'll even let the cousin move in and eventually allow her to have her own spin-off show, along with his daughter...

- He just happens to be Jack Bauer.

Happy Father's Day dads! You're all pretty awesome!


w said...

aren't you a little too old to want jack bauer as a dad?

laured and vardy would have made interesting dads. together. erm... yes. erm.

what if your dad were the mayer. it'd be like. vote for him! joihn his facebook page!

yeah yeah. just bear and grin it.

Unknown said...

I wonderful post about dads!

I am Harriet said...

Hi Kim.
I snagged this for Sited.

Unknown said..., seriously...I am! :-) Are you still in Alaska?

Sharon and Billy Blanks Jr. said...

Love you Kim. Left a long message on your LR box. Thank you so much. Love this post. The really good fathers don't get enough credit. Billy is the superhero in our family! Talk to you soon,

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am laughing out loud! That's hysterical.

Jennifer said...

Oh man. I hate gherkins. Shacking up with a hot guy - or - gherkins... no contest.

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