Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of My Faves...

Hey! I have hit 100 followers! WOOOHOOO! I love all y'all, seriously!!! Glad you're sticking around for my insanity, it makes me feel less insane, especially when you all share about your insanity as well. *all warm and fuzzy*

I heard a Cold Play song this weekend and suddenly needed a Tim Hawkins fix. So now I shall share something funny with all y'all, something that makes me laugh boisterously, so we can hang out together and laugh, as I freak out getting myself ready for a trip, a test, Tuesday Twitters, writing amazing run-on sentences, and um, endless shaving I suppose; if you haven't seen this, you will be better for it once you have. Hope all had a great weekend! Oh yeah and go enter my giveaway. Thank you all for hanging out with me!! Peace ooooooooooout.


Stephanie said...

Big big congrats on the 100 followers. How much fun is that?
I have been at about 97 followers for a little while now and love each and every follower too so I hear ya!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Jennifer said...

This. Is. Genius.

Congratulations on 100 Followers! That means 100 people came to their senses and realized how awesome you are. :-)

w said...

100! i'm so happy for you. welcome to the varsity club. this high. it nevar goes away. oh yeah. it's defvanity back.

humans are tangible.

Unknown said...

this was quite funny!
First time I read your blog. Looks like we have similar interests but with a different twist. I will come back!

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