Saturday, June 27, 2009

i'm not kimmy

so hi! i'm w. and i've just hijacked this blog. i'm good like that. well. not really. kimmy asked me to be a guest blogger. wait. no. she asked me to be a special guest blogger.

i wonder what she meant by "special".

this is the thing. kimmy's internet access is limited these days. mainly because she's in the foreign country called alaska. and unfortunately, her connection to the world wide web isn't so hot. hmmm. maybe because it's so cold there. or maybe it's because of the moose. plural moose. not capital 'the' moose.

so anyway. when kimmy asked me to contribute a post, she didn't exactly give me parameters. well. other than "please don't lose my readers" and "please don't talk about the farts".

naturally, with those two restrictions in mind, i had a difficult time coming up with the perfect guest blogger post. until it hit me. dude. this blog is all about parenting - insanity and bliss. i can totally write about that.


yesterday, my baby woke up at 2:00am to be fed. (parenting)
my toddler heard her. so she decided it was time to wake up as well. (insanity)
my husband slept soundly in our bed. (bliss)


thanks for stopping by! please don't stop reading kimmy's blog. i'll talk about the farts if you want me to.


w said...

wow. that was an edcellent post. i varnt to hear from her again. mayer we?

dude. i know. i'm sad.

Anonymous said...

:D that was the bestest post ever! Love it!


Vickie said...

That was funny, W! So was your comment:)

Insanitykim said...

It was so worth all the loading time to get in here just to say, I MUST know about "the" farts w!!! What are those???


WT??? No bacon, W?

Are you breaking up with me???

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