Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sharing Love, and Warning of a Special Announcement...

Oh happy happy love love! The cloud of Valentine's Day has vanished, as has all the chocolate in the house, but, let's celebrate with something that is calorie free, are ya game? OK then, let's celebrate!

I was recently handed some great awards and so it's time to pass them on. DON'T STOP READING! Check out my disclaimer:

I know some bloggers are all poo poo on the awards thing now, so, this video is for you, because I love you all and want you to laugh with me and I haven't forgotten you don't like awards. So after watching this video you can stop reading and come back on Monday. I'll let you...

Now for the rest of us...onto the awards...there are a few of them y'all so, pay attention!

This first award was the last one to be awarded by Kelly of SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB. Kelly is the bomb-diggady doo I tell you. If you ever needed someone to save you from shadows in alleyways, fast-food cashiers, or contemptuous lunch ladies, Kelly is the Mac Daddy for you! (I don't know what that means.) And, she does podcasts too. She is pretty awesome man. That is why I was all honored and misty-eyed when she gave me the last award she will ever bestow on anyone. Ever. For now.

Nooooooooo I didn't make this myself she really gave it to me! And now here are some blogs made of total awesome that I must give this award to. And they are:

Domestic Dork. If she is a domestic dork, then I am a domestic nimrod. Awesome!

A Day in the Life of a Suferwife. Her recent post on an encounter with Cindy Crawford was just awesome dude! She also calls me Insantlyslim, which is just aweeeeeesome!

For Love or Funny. Lynn is so sweet and awesome and I love her photos and poignancy and her dog. I really really REALLY want to kidnap her dog and just mush her face repeatedly in my hands while saying something like, "schooobydooodooboodoodoo!" Don't worry she knows this. It's all awesome.

Here is the next award:

This award was given to me by a friend of 18 years and she is the author of E3P2S, a blog full of fantastic fashion, deep commentary and a general glow of love and light-hearted fun (and, if you love Star Trek, check out her The Warp Project blog, it is awesome!). For most of those years we were busy growing up and becoming adults, and basically lost touch, but friendship has come full circle from being cohorts in newspaper class to old buds here in Bloggyworld! This award is for bloggers who simply dazzle the reader as their posts come alive with hysterical or thought-provoking words, images and ideas. They are often setting (or breaking!) the trends, cannot be duplicated, and are followed loyally.

This award goes to:

A Fabulously Good Life
. She digs deep man, and always brings up gold. She is dang funny too!

E3P2S. Yep, giving it right back, you deserve it!

Much More than Mommy. She is much more, and she has exploded into a wonderful song and dance in Bloggyworld. But she won't watch The Office. That totally infuriates me!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!! <--- yes that was purposeful.

Wendiwinn. She gets this award because she takes what is mirco to macro, and because of her ability to beautify not only her own blog but the blogs of others, adding a piece of her wonderfulness to all she touches. Gag.

Now THIS award was given to me by Much More than Mommy, which is really nice because I nearly caused her to choke to death while she was reading my computer cord post.

This award is for the bloggers who cause you to, obviously, pee your pants, spit coffee onto your laptop and ruin it, soil your undies, ROTFL or LOL or LMAO whatever those acronyms are. I don't use them. I prefer to say things like, "hahahhahaha! That was funny man!" Anyway, here are the recipients of this award:

. I remember the day I found her blog and was all, whoa. She's speaking, and I am listening, and laughing. You should too. Go. Now!

The Creative Junkie. I am not afraid to say she is one of the best blog writers out there right now, because I am sure all who read her would agree with me, including her. She's not braggy or anything, I would just think she knows what I am talking about since she writes it all...

Hey Lola. She does not post nearly enough, but saving the world from mutant octopi, with her imaginary FBI agent baby, is time-consuming I am sure. I squeal when I see a new post to read!

Sounds Like Tomatoes. If you like nostril hair, Edward Cullen pocket dolls that are brought to life, and shameless confessions written in list form, then she is for you!

And this last award, the Sunshine Award, also from Much More than Mommy, goes to all on my blog roll and "my homies" button display. No, this is not a cop-out! As I have always said, you're all there for a reason and I sincerely try to get to and read every post and comment. You are all the buffet of my morning reading and you all add so much to this hobby I enjoy with all my heart! Happy love sap sap!

And, stop by Monday for a special announcement that makes my pits sweat and makes me wanna hurl. Oh aren't you all just filled with curiosity-ness!!!

Peace out y'all!


SurferWife said...

OMG! A baby InstantlySlim InsanityKim? That's the announcement right?! You're roasting a load in the commode?

And thanks for my award, yo. It looks like something I would make on photoshop or however one makes those things.

Love, hugs, kisses and nose kisses.

The Retired One said...

Congrats on all the awards, you deserve them! The video cracked me up!

w said...

thank you. i humbly accept the "you make the camera dance blog avard".

although. i must admit. i'm a bit old fashimand. i'd rather have the "you make the radio sing blog award".

that's right, gitl.

ga ga ga to the ga ga li.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Wow, Meryl Streep much?!!! Congrats on all your major awards! ALL of them are well deserved!! Cheers!

Vanessa said...

Congrats and thanks! Although, not only have I still not watched The Office, I did not dance Friday night. So the award is kind of ironic... ;-) <3 Thank you!

Creative Junkie said...

Well, holy crap! I just got home, after driving 5+ hours at night from Pittsburgh. I'm a tense, stressed out mess. This is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

By the way, the video? Pretty much every family wedding I've been to in my life. Except we're a lot more hairy. And drunk.


kim this was WONDERFUL. i feel all glowy inside. i hope that doesn't lead to a hernia.

Kearsie said...

You like me! You really really like me!

*clasps hands under my chin and bobs from side to side*

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Thank you for thinking of me! It's cool to be told I'm "made of awesome." :)

kanishk said...

A baby InstantlySlim InsanityKim? That's the announcement right?! You're roasting a load in the commode?
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