Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy February 14th!!

My kid are at a fun age.

Well, all the ages have a special funness about them, of course, but, my kids are at the age where kissing is gross. And not just gross, but, run-from-the-room-screaming-covering-your-eyes-making-vomit-noises-while-asking, "WHYDOTHEYHAVETOBEKISSING??"-gross. I love it!

Now, mind you, they don't catch Kate and Sawyer playing tonsil tag or, "what did YOU eat for breakfast?" or anything like that, their eyes have been subjected to mostly closed-mouth cartoon kisses and a few movies like, The Princess Bride, Willow, and George of the Jungle (oh man I love that movie, seriously don't you?). But still, for whatever reason, they think this expression of love makes as much sense as licking a toilet bowl. You remember having all the same questions though, don't you? Like:

"What if their breath smells like rotten cabbage?"

"Did they floss and scrape every last bit of plaque and tartar off each tooth?"

"Wait, is that a piece of broccoli on their incisor?"

"Wait, don't other people have disgusting germs? Do I need vaccinations for this?"

"Should I drink some Purel before this moment?"

"OH MY GOODNESS WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THEIR TONGUE?" (Thankfully we are no where near this yet!)

OK so, maybe those were just my questions...of which none were pointed at the hubby. Ever. Moving on...

Anyway, love escapes them, but they are in the season of like; they have experienced like already, and even considered some others "cute" and "nice" but nothing serious that would force me to lock them into a closet (my closets don't even have locks) so for now I can refrain from running around, clutching my heart while screaming, "THEREISNOWAYMYCHILDISKISSINGANYONEUNTILTHEYARE32YEARSOLD!"

Is that hard to read?

Of course I don't mind the kiddos seeing me and hubby share a peck or a long embrace, which they eventually try to disrupt by prying us apart to get in the middle, but I do hope the hormones lie dormant for at least 20 10 more years and cupid's arrow doesn't hit until I am ready because really, it's all about me anyway. Sheesh.

But now that I am older. I can, and do, appreciate a really good kiss. And I really hope my kids both experience a first kiss that blows their socks off! And not because they found some hot, popular pair of lips who thinks they are hot, but because the person they found is genuine and KNOWS them and really feels warmth and compassion and care for them. Even for something as little as a kiss. Because then it means so, so much more. As it should.

And so with that I share with you all my most favorite movie kiss, because to me it embodies everything experienced in a teen's first kiss. Now, disclaimer here, I do NOT like chick flick movies. You will not find Twilight in my house, or a crumpled up movie ticket next to a crumpled up used tissue for Dear John in my purse, nor can I discuss The Notebook with you because I haven't seen it, and if you say the name Meg Ryan in my proximity I might give you a real cantankerous look and gag a little. BUT, don't you mess with John Hughes man, he got it RIGHT, he knew how to portray a kiss that "kills".

Man I cannot WAIT until my kids are old enough to watch these movies with me!

So, even if you hate PDA or Valentine's Day or John Hughes, (don't you DARE tell me if you do) but you have someone in your life who fits the bill for a smooch, then brush your teeth and give them a Hollywood-style one tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Then go do some laundry.


Vanessa said...

That clip made me smile. I <3 John Hughes. And you. /sap

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

My favorite movie kiss too. And Eric Stoltz was such a babe, cept I'm pretty sure that he was wearing guyliner.

Dana said...

oh you know I LOVEEEEEEE John Hughes movies!!! He was the best! Even Oingo Boingo playing in the background sounded romantic.. lol

Insanitykim said...

Oh man Dana I KNOW! The whole, "crashing" sound and her quick little eye squint and his deep breath right after that initial lip lock...pure cinematic genius but at the same time you KNOW they were feeling it!!!


kim we are clearly twins separated from birth- we love john hughes and hate chick flicks- sigh. i almost wanna kiss YOU on the lips.

with that, i read your comment on my top blog of the week and almost heaved a dead kitten out of my clavicle. is that not an IK sentence or what?

the kitten was killed -of course- by snow.

Tracie said...

I love John Hughes movies. That clip brought back great memories for me.

Unknown said...

Kissing is the best...and the best is when the daughter tries to jam her body between ours so that we can't kiss....

I remember though, thinking how can you kiss such a toad when my mom kissed my dad..ewww! Even to this day I shudder..ack...she actually liked him enough to reproduce...TWICE

Well now that I've hopefully grossed everyone out, I must cough...Aaaaaamegryanchoooooooooooo!

:D said...

Oh, Kim... You are truly insane. Loved this post!!! Whenever I see Eric Stoltz, I think of Mask makes me teary eyed, sad, and certainly makes him seem less sexy. Then of course there's Pulp Fiction Eric Stoltz, which also does little for me. My Daughter (5) actually can't wait to make out and I often find her coming at me, open mouthed and have to have the inappropriate conversation more often than any mom of a 5 year old should. I am actually writing about that today and I am going to link to your post.
BTW I am not on your buffet????WHaaaa? happy v-day
Jenny From the Blog

SurferWife said...

Ok, I am still in mourning over John Hughes. I personally love Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan;s kiss over Sam's birthday cake.


And I do still ask those kissing questions. I am NOT a fan of passionate kissing. Watching or participating.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Yeah, John Hughes knew his stuff, didn't he? I'm going to have to really ponder about my favorite movie kiss, I honestly can't think of one off the top of my head. I may need to come back later!

Great post, as always, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter thinks kissing is gross too... I heart John Hughes and your blog! Will be back again to visit soon.

Kearsie said...

Oh man, one of the bestest movies EVER.

That's all I got, but what I got was heartfelt and sincere.


kanishk said...

My favorite movie kiss too. And Eric Stoltz was such a babe, cept I'm pretty sure that he was wearing guyliner.
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