Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

I am fearful that the real Twitters are taking up too much of my time, but happy none of that nonsense ends up here...

By the way, participate in that poll over there to the left, will ya? I am afraid the blog is dying.

I colored my hair last night, and I somehow managed to miss the entire patch of new gray coming in just underneath where I part my hair. Sigh.

You know all those scary spider pix I post? Well guess what. My son had one ON HIS FACE! He was IN A POOL! With that big scary spider ON HIS FACE. Can you tell I am not over this yet?

The Folgers tin I have claims it makes 90 cups of coffee; I go through one a week. Should I be concerned, or do most people drink really really, really REALLY weak coffee?

Hey, have you all entered my giveaway, over there, on the right? It's over tomorrow, and you need to know if it's worth an ER visit when your kid swallows $1.50 worth of pennies and a thumb tack! Oh, and next month I will be doing a giveaway for this nifty kitchen furniture site! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My son walks around, trying to extract DNA from everything. Yeah, he's not quite sure what that means or what he's doing, but hey, at least he's trying!

He also wants to be a Beat Box master. This bird is his inspiration:

And my daughter draws pictures of zombies and writes her name backwards:

Nice teeth huh? I have awesome kids.


w said...

i know you. and i know you didn't accidently miss that gray. i know you wanna be like that stacy lady. i want to punch her.

dude. the beatboxing bird should try out for american idol. and yes. i only watched 8 seconds.

audge could be the next nancy drew what with the no fear of zombies and the backwards name writing.

can you hear me now? varizon wiredless.

Carol said...

I think your pole is too funny. I think it being summer has slowed things down. I know I have to due to work. But keep up the insanity. For I would miss you if you stopped

The Retired One said...

I comment, but not all the time....depends on how busy I am when reading everyone's blogs or if I think of something funny to say back...but I always read ya...don't worry!

Audrey said...

I think I may start writing my name backwards too!! It looks pretty cool that way. Wonder if anyone would notice?

Insanitykim said...

Yes Audrey, start writing your name backwards with your left hand...and then we can call you Audge...does anyone call u Audge? She loves it!

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