Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

-Uhhhh, it's Thursday. Oh well!

-I climbed a mountain this week and three times I was sure I was gonna die, by sliding off the mountain, and dying.

-Jacob was sure he was gonna have an accident right in the lava rocks.

-I was sure I was gonna die. Again.

-Oh don't worry, I will elaborate on the mountain...there is soooooo much to say, since I lived.

-And, I have pictures of all of my travels, can't wait to share them!!

-And I got a fantastic date away with my hubby! I will not be blogging about that, but I will show you my dinner...

-No, I have no idea why Palin quit.

-No, I don't know her.

-No, I don't want to talk about it.

-Seriously, I don't.

-I dropped my beautiful scrabble tile pendant in the toilet. Yes I fished it out with my hand. It was an emergency!

-My kids displayed snippets of teenager behavior on this trip...I think I have aged 5 years as well.

-I am TAN! Most of you don't know me, so you wouldn't know that normally I am as white as a Cullen, so this tan thing is niiiiiiiiice!

-I was pretty sure I was gonna die on the airplane coming back home, too..I have never felt turbulence like that. My hubby thought I was insane...umm....yeah, blog post.

-While I was gone, many of my bloggy friends became addicted to the REAL Twitter...hmmm...I hate conforming.

-However, this Penguins of Madagascar cartoon is addicting! You betcha!


Kearsie said...

"Many" of your friends who became addicted to twitter is actually just two. Excuse me, I must see if anyone has twittered in the last few minutes.

I missed you.

w said...

you will join twitter.

and when you fished out the pendant, did you use a knife? hahaahahahaha! i.will.never.forget.

palin quit? what happened? tell me about it.

i missed you a lotta.

The Retired One said...

So glad you are back, safe and sound.
Looking forward to those stories!!!
I know you are Palin's relative and just won't admit it....its ok...we all have one of "those" in our family closet!

SierraMac said...

I dig the Cullen reference. Makes me happy.

Glad I got to hear all these stories firsthand, and I'm also glad that you are BACK!!

Love ya, =


Glad to see you back! And tell I have to twitter now? Really?

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Good thing I am now a huge twilight fan or I'd have been in the dark about "white as a Cullen". lol

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