Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

So like, last week I actually joined the REAL Twitter under the duress of extreme peer pressure from friends (GASP!). I feel all weird (as in, weird). Don't follow me (or follow, no pressure). You will find none of these tweets on there (they are invisible). On the REAL Twitter, I just say weird things like Nar Nar, Flometer and I bother people, like Conan O'Brien (I am embarrassed, not really). Sigh.

It could be because I have given up my gourmet lattes, and I am now severely addicted to pre-ground, grocery store bought coffee that has enough caffeine to keep Dracula awake in the day. Any of my accomplished, palate-savvy coffee friends would fall over in shock at my need for this stale, awkwardly robust "Colombian" roast, but truly all I want to drink is this silly coffee, all day long, with lots of creamer. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!

Creamer has a coal-tar derivative.


Do you know you can light it on fire? (home school science project!)

My daughter is really into watching Respector Gadget...you have heard of that, right? No? Well, ok...Inspector Gadget. We correct her all the time, it doesn't work.

Jacob said this to Audge, "at the store if you see a girl on a book, with blonde hair, nice clothes and a guitar, that's Hanna Montana. Stay away from her! She is a teenager!" YES!!!!!!

You should see my nails, they are like, Lee Press-On long!

We found this on the ground outside:

Audrey carried it until it stuck its little sucker stabber into her flesh! I had to rip it off of her! She is fine. She wanted to keep carrying it, but I insisted on her holding the bark instead. I dumped an entire bottle of hand sanitizer on her hand. She is fine.

My camera is AWESOME!

nasw. That was for winn...

Then, we found this:

Yes it was dead. It's a Cicada Killer Wasp. Kills the things that impaled my daughter's hand...Alaska has no such creatures...I washed my hands.

OH! OH! OH! and ya'all, I am contributing to this wonderful site now too! It's called, Oh! I Love That! and you need to check it out, become a follower, you'll love it!

Peace out!


w said...

remember the spider with the babies? kilt. kilt them good. and. bwws.

we're gonna forget what bwws is in about 2 hours.

i'll send you some foldgers. because you like the cheap coffee. and because it's the best part of waking up.

i michael you lated to talk.

angie128 said...

I am scared. Of the bugs. Because they are ugly. And big. Where do you live? New Guinnea?!?!?

Stephanie said...

That is a SUPER scary creature!!
(greaat camera though)

Connie said...

"I'll have nightmares....I LOVE your blog!!" How's that?! =)

The Retired One said...

Yuck! What WAS that first bug????
I am sooo glad you love your camera.
I see I got no credit. Sigh.
(you know that EVERY time you say you love your camera or that someone else asks you about your camera, you owe me, right Missy?) Its okay, there will be no dead horse heads on the pillow for this mistake tonight.
This time......


Insanitykim said...

Yes, Joan, you DID get credit, remember my post coming back? I even LINKED! Let the horses live, this Sicilian ain't too scared anyway! ;)

(it's a cicada)

Connie...hahahha! You humor me. Merci.

Kearsie said...

Between you and Joan, I am now wallowing in a sea of covetousness.

My camera is crap.

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