Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twittered Tuesday

If you missed last week's twitters, stop by here!

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Jacob had a conversation with me, without me; he asked me questions, and then, answered them himself, for me, and then responded back. I am impressed.

Josh can now put his hair in a ponytail. Jacob said Josh doesn’t look like “himself”. Josh thinks Josh looks like a “ninja”. Audrey said Josh looks like "George Washington". Or a "girl". I’m staying out of it.

For school the kids and I made a mold terrarium…funny, I have never had to work at growing mold before…it has always come quite naturally…

Man! I can REALLY load a dishwasher! All those years of playing Tetris, for hours on end, is really paying off!

I just showed Josh the “Business Time”** video by Flight of the Conchords on youtube. DOH! Tomorrow is Wednesday! *smacks forehead*

10:38 am. wendiwinn told me to be random.
10:39 am. Told wendiwinn I was, and did. At 10:40 she said she needed to go potty.

The shoes I got on-line are TOO SMALL! Dangit! My feet are 7 ½. PERIOD! Fix your shoe sizes to match MY FEET! Sheesh!

Jacob told a joke at dinner: “Why did the bald monkey cross the road? Because they thought it was a pig and the cars tried to cut it into bacon and it was a bald monkey and hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bald monkey!” *crickets chirping*

I went to the bathroom THREE TIMES without changing the toilet roll and had to find something to wipe with each time...you think I would have changed it by the second time! I pee a lot.

My toes are super cold. And I mean COLD! Cold enough to whine about it. Yeah. Cold.

I love Survivor! But I could never be on Survivor. I would have a mono-brow in a week. Seriously. And who wants to look at a mono-brow? That would get me voted off, at least as a sympathy vote.

I cracked myself up. Again.

In the car Jacob confessed that when he was four, he sneaked out of his room, in the middle of the night, and took an apple from the fridge, which he then stuck under his bed.

I basically ate an entire box of Nilla Wafers in one day. After contemplating the ramifications of this act, I went to Sam’s and bought a bigger box.

I just unraveled Audrey’s slinky. That makes me feel smart, like smart people that solve Rubix Cubes.

I think I am about to sneeze…nope, wait I ashrfoaihgeiibglaiufydp…bless me!

**youtube does a good job at screening videos. This video talks about s-e-x but is not vulgar. However you will have to sign up stating you're over 18 to view it. Man this was a boring twit...


Anonymous said...

I love Twitter Tuesdays.

Anonymous said...

still laughing about untangling slinkys, like doing a rubix cube

robin said...

I THINK I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU MORE! i did not know that you played hours of tetris when you were younger. i was a tetris pro! loved it and if i ever found my old nintendo i would probably still play. i know you can play other places, but there was something special about playing it on those old nintendos ya know??

and survivor. kim. epiphany. let's do it together! we could be the ugly twins. unibrow and fatty. it could create a big time sympathy vote! and we could even stage some buck teeth for the both of us??? COME ON!!!!!!!! PALEEEEEASE????

w said...

hilarious. i love twitter tuesdays.

i'm wondering why you didn't just use the cardboard roll to wipe with.

josh needs a haircut.

i need to go potty again.

butter. varmay!

Jaime said...

Ha ha!! Shout out to Business Time! I told Kearsie about that a couple of weeks ago (maybe she already knew about it). Did she tell you about it? We watched it at our Marriage Retreat...at the part where we were learning (or the men were learning) that when women say something, they may mean something different or completely opposite...such as while standing in a disasterous kitchen after lunch him saying, "Want me to help you clean this before I go?" "NO!"...*meaning* "DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK??? YES!"
-Jaime W.

Unknown said...

You just made my day better with this post.

Jennifer said...

YES! TETRIS!!! I was obsessed with it and can load a dishwasher with the best of 'em too! LOL

Thank you for the Noblesse Oblige! I'm posting it today!

Insanitykim said...

Kearsie: Yes, I know. Awesome, as to do a rubix cube, I would have to move the stickers...

Robin: If they allow me to use a life jacket, WE ARE SO THERE!!! I will soon spell I LOVE YOU in tetris shapes!

w: VARMAY! See, we can have them coincide! How's your bladder?

Jaime: Yes, Kearsie AND Robin told me to watch Business Time; we all are throwing out our husband's black socks! HAHAHA!

Jenny: You made my day better with your comment! :)

Jennifer: Yes, doesn't it help with stocking your pantry and the dishwasher? I have my kids playing 4 hours a day!! And, you're welcome! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

THAT explains why hubby always fails miserably when attempting to 'help' and load the dishwasher...then grumbles when I move things around...he never played Tetris! LOL!!!

Hilarious post - thanks for the laugh! ;)

Mary K Brennan said...

You found three things besides toilet paper to wipe with, you're a Tetris genius, and you think you can't make it on Survivor? What's up with that? Thanks for the laughs.

The Retired One said...

The post made me laugh, but not too hard, (because then I would have to pee again!) Damn, too late!!

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