Friday, February 20, 2009

Noblesse Obligations...

So, a while back I got the Noblesse Oblige Award from Joan over at The Retirement Chronicles, who is on vacation. Visit her blog and show her you miss her. How dare she go on vacation!

Anyway…this award, by definition, points to my nobility and my obligations to said nobility (hear the fanfare?), and not just merely my talents of “spending my time in idle pursuits.” Wait…you sure about that, Oxford English Dictionary?

Anyway (squared) seeing as I have lost 3 followers in the past 2 weeks (SOB!) I decided accepting this award and writing a post about it today would make me feel better.

This award points to bloggers who:

1. Have a great, nay, EXEMPLARY attitude, respecting all cultures and beliefs,


2. Inspire and encourage others, often offering solutions,


3. Have a clear purpose, fostering understanding on social, political, and economic issues, as well as the arts, cultures, sciences, and beliefs,


4. Are refreshing and creative,


5. Promote friendship and positive thinking.

Well, I am not sure that I cover all five, BUT, I must say, my goal here IS to inspire (like Kira in Xanadu), make people laugh (like Jack Black in well, anything), and possibly help the reader feel less crazy by seeing just how crazy I am (like some crazy person you think is crazy). I love nothing more than knowing I made someone laugh out loud, truly, and reading the comment, “I can SO relate!” So when I lose followers, I am quite crushed, and on the verge of scheduling a therapy visit…

OK! I am then supposed to mention who gave this to me (see up there), display the award (of COURSE!) and write about what my blog has achieved thus far and give an example using a past post.


Writing is a total release. I have been writing since I was 8. I have been guided by some fantastic people: my advanced-placement English teacher, Mrs. Dahlager, in elementary school, my English teacher in 8th grade (ickers can’t remember her name!) that pushed for me to be a freshman accepted into yearbook (which I was, because I am THAT cool). Also, my teacher for creative writing and newspaper in HS, Mrs. Hikcock, and my yearbook teacher, Ms. Palmer (who died of lung cancer years ago) who told me I had a gift in writing and truly paid me compliments, and helped me foster my abilities. And, my mom, who has always loved my writing, which means so much. My husband is my biggest fan.

Writing is one of the only things that I think I do really, really well. I am not saying I am the funniest, or that my grammar/punctuation is stellar, or that I stand out in any particular way, but, I enjoy it immensely and feel proud of my accomplishments and proud of my blog. I work hard to keep to a theme, share about my family in a funny but positive light, and pepper in just enough seriousness to keep it all grounded.

If I had to pick a post that I think is most enjoyed (according to my stats) it would be my John Mayer Better Wonder More post. That post I think is the epitome of self-deprecation, in a funny and enjoyable way, (what?) such that people see the sarcasm yet can relate, and they love that they can relate. But personally I have a hard time choosing a favorite. Whether it’s based on reality or a completely true experience, I like them all.

Hey! I have followed all the rules so far!

So to continue in that vein, I now must award people as well. So many great bloggers already have this, but, that really doesn’t matter, this is about being acknowledged by your peers, a shout out, in a great community of bloggers who I thoroughly enjoy. And I follow a ton of blogs…I give up showers just to do so! Seriously, I have met some people that I now consider very close friends through blogging, and I am inspired by what I read, and I laugh a lot more, everyday! How can you go wrong with that?!

To start with, if you are in my blog roll on the right, you are tagged! These particular blogs are blogs I check everyday and feel I have either made a great connection with the blogger or I simply love the content of the blog itself. And to this list I am also tagging, keeping the criteria in mind:

Meet the Blog at

Vickie’s Scrapbooking and Tidbits at

Playing House at


It’s a Beauty Filled Life at

Now I have to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese.

Peace out.


Staci said...

Awww Thanks! You made me feel my night! I lost 2 followers this week too :( Thanks again!!!

w said...

dude. i'm sorry. i'll start following you again so you don't cry anymore. sappiness is lame.

chuck e cheese? is that like john e mayernaise?

Sharon and Billy Blanks Jr. said...

OMG!!!!!!! We are so honored, Thank you sooo much! We sure do love your blog! Rushing off to take our little one to the doctor. What is going around?! Can't seem to shake it. Have a great weekend! Love, Sharon and Billy

Vickie said...

I am sorry about the followers. Not a cool feeling:( I am gonna return the favor and go kick'em in the shins. Give me names :)

Thank you so much for the award. Nope I haven't had this one yet.

Vickie said...

Man, I just lost a follower!! The thing is I still am a follower of her blog!! She came over last week but never commented. I commented twice on her blog. Man...That bites!

The Retired One said...

You "done the tag" great! Alot of us seem to be writers who just love to write. I did some while I had my full time career, but now that I am retired I have come back to loving to write again.
I don't know why you lost a few "followers" but don't worry. Over time, you will get two more (and then some!) I love your humor and so does everyone that reads and follows you. To me, wit is a talent!
We are still "on the road" in Florida. I hope to start posting a journal of our travels pretty quick from my daughter's house, as it is cooler today outside. (We won't go to the beach today).
Take care!

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