Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It Pays to Pay Attention...and Pay it Forward...

Recently, I got this in the mail:

A lovely little book, featuring funny vignettes on mommy life. Why? Just because. Just because someone wanted to make my day better! Thanks SO very much Yoda...er...I mean, umm...Beth! (over at thiscrazythingcalledmotherhood) And, your personal card, along with the book, DID make my day BETTER! (happy dance!)

See, she decided to do an act of kindness, sort of random, sort of numbered; the first three people to comment on, and commit to her "Pay it Forward" post, got a sweet present in the mail. So I commented, about how great of an idea this was, and that I WOULD pay it forward. And guess what? I am paying it forward now, 'cause that is part of the rules...and I shall follow them, just to show that I can.

Because you see, we need to teach our children to be accountable for their actions, to keep their word, to follow the rules, and to "pay it forward" in life. They watch everything we do. And, if we remember this, it makes us, and them, and eventually other people, more pleasant to be around. We must always remember:

-To let that person into our lane, even if they didn't signal

-To give a huge smile to the check-out person at our grocery store, and look them in the eye and say, "have a great day!" and mean it!

-To leave a big HUGE stinkin' tip for that server, who manages to smiles at you and your troop of crazy hungry kids, who manage leave most of their food on the floor for said server to clean up...

But more importantly, if you are ONE of the first THREE people to comment on this post, AND, let me know you will also "pay it forward" (and then leave your addy on my email) you will then get a little gift from this pretty little Etsy shop that just might make your day, because, whether or not you think you do, you deserve it.


If you are bummed about missing out and not being one of the first three, then watch these blogs for their Pay It Forward posts!

Sounds Like Tomatoes


Anonymous said...

Dude. Am I number ONE? I shall pay it forward. Promise. Cross my heart, hope to die a painless death.

w said...

this is my third comment. because i can't follow instructions. but i can follow thru with the pay it forward.

hopefully, you'll delete my first two comments that made no sense. and hopefully, this comment will still make it into the top three.

otherwise, don't delete my previous comments. because i must be one of the three.

i like free stuff. yes.

er. may.

Anonymous said...

OOHH!! Am I number 3? I love paying forward. I was a waitress and I know how it feels to RECEIVE from people paying it forward. I will do that. Thanks for the post!! -Jaime W.

The Retired One said...

Oh sure...just my LUCK to be Number 4. (*sigh*) But I love the idea of paying it forward. The neatest thing about paying it forward is to sometimes be anonymous. I did that once and never told the person what I did was from me. It was the best present I ever gave myself!!

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Wow, I am totally jealous! You got people right away...and you got more than three! lol

I'm glad you liked the book-and the card too! :)

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