Saturday, February 14, 2009

A February 14th Poem

Happy Valentine's Day
Woop de doo!
Happy Valentine's Day
From me to you!

Hope that your kids
Made you something "coo"
That involved lots of chocolate
But no boogers or goo

Hope that your husband
Or lover or spouse
Remembered the day
And isn't a louse

Hope that your chocolate
Is calorie free
And eating it makes your thighs
Resemble Demi's

Hope that your card
That sits on the table
Claims that you're great
Sexy (and stable!)

Hope you got flowers
Or jewelry or money
And "something" that would "fit"
A 25-year-old "bunny"

Hope you get steak
Wine and cheese
And that your kids are at a lonely babysitter's
So you can do as you please...

Remember today
Is about love and all that stuff
This poem is lame
So that is enough...


The Retired One said...

So cute! Did you make this up on your own? You are so clever! Now I will expect one on every holiday! (And next time,can you write it in Swahili?) haha
Happy V. Day to you! (No, that is not Venereal Disease Day!)

Insanitykim said...

Yes this was my pre-coffee attempt at poetry! Glad you liked it! :)

Hmmm my Swahili is quite rusty, but I will attempt Saint Patty's Day in broken French...would I could attempt it in Sign Language, but I am not that talented...

Yes, let's all share chocolate, not chlamydia!

Insanitykim said...

wow...I can't even make complete sentences in my own comments...need more coffee...

Vickie said...

Cute and creative poem.

Happy Valentine's Day to you to:)

w said...

varlentine's day.

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