Thursday, December 31, 2009


WOOOHOOOO! 2010! It's a new dawn! It's a new day, it's a new life! Or whatever that Michael Bubble guy sings...

And I'm feeeeeeeeeeeeelin'...pretty ooooooooooook I guessssssssss...heh heh. But seriously, 2009 was really full of sparkly fun awesomeness!

And hey! Check out this new layout! Man! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! This was the brainchild of myself and the mad-genius handi-work of my good friend who lives over here...some friends scrapbook, or knit, or cut coupons together, or get botox...we have fun doing stuff like this. It's awesome man.

So. Time for New Year's Revolutions...Revelations, er, Resolutions...yeah, that's what I meant!

Well hmmm see, I have read many posts by bloggers, already, who have either boasted some great resolutions, ya know, really admirable, but then there are others who have turned up their noses to the notion completely, and have kicked the resolutions to the curb like their old, dry Christmas trees (I still have my tree). Idealists versus realists...I get it...

And, some have reflected on the past year, or, highlighted their favorite posts of the year. I wish I would have thought of that sooner...

So, I have decided to do something a tad different, basically because I couldn't think of anything else to say/do.

I have decided to post resolutions of things I already do or don't do, in order to claim that I am resolved to do something, and since I already don't do or do them, I will automatically be successful for the entire year, which is like, major bonus, makes-me-look-good-in-front-of-other-people good stuff, right? OK, so, here we go, My 2010 New Years Resolution List:

1. I will not pick my nose and eat it.

2. I will shower at least twice a week.

3. I will not grow a third arm, although it might be helpful...

4. I will use snazzy exclamations like, "Blarging Cripes!" and, "CRAZAP!" to entertain you all.

5. I will blog at least twice a week, and comment on your blogs when I can, with giggle-inducing comments that just like, make your day and compel you to send me gifts.

6. I will seriously consider the thought of exercising.

7. I will not plan a trip to go bungee jumping, deep sea diving, or get a tattoo above my buttcrack.

8. I will use deodorant whenever I leave the house. And I will leave the house.

9. I will put on my seatbelt while in a moving vehicle. If I see a stop sign, I will stop.

10. I will continue to be scared of Tom Cruise and bats, the flying kind.

11. I will get on Facebook every day and click the "like" button on tons of statuses that I uh, like, and I will play Scrabble, and take a quiz, or ten...

12. I will take awesome pictures of all the freaky scary bugs that lurk outside and in my home, and share them with you all.

13. I will use a meat thermometer, always. In meat, that is...

14. I will love on my family and give thanks to the Lord above everyday for my life.

15. I will not read any of the Twilight books.

16. I will not, in a fit of rage, grab the garden sheers and cut my own hair. Wait...

17. I will continually use copious amounts of hand sanitizer and be freaked out by salad bars, airplane toilets and escalator railings.

18. I will pluck my eyebrows so I don't look like Bert from Sesame Street.

19. I will eat fruits and veggies, sometimes without Ranch dressing...


20. I will continue to be blissfully insane!

Happy 2010 Ya'all!

Peace out!


Kearsie said...

I will:

1. Read your posts and laugh and comment.
2. Say things that make you say things like BLARGING CRIPES.
3. Mail your bat ornament henceforth immediately, in hopes that it's cuteness makes them seem friendlier.
Except for the rabies. I can't do much about that.
4. Call on you to guest blog. And give you my blog if I die.
5. Spend many hours facebooking and/or chatting with you.

I will not:
1. Grow taller, sadly.
2. Perform gymnastics.
3. Drink coffee.
4. Quit you.
5. Lose my love for Twilight and Party in the USA, even if it makes me feel homesick *pimple popping motion*.

Lynn Kellan said...

I will clean less.
I will sled more.
I, too, will try to eat more veggies w/out Ranch.
I will always read you cause you make me laugh.

Love the new layout! Very pretty and easy on the eye!

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

You really let me down on number seven. I thought we could go in together and get matching tramp stamps. Twinsies! Dang.

SurferWife said...

Now THIS is a list if I have ever seen one. So there is this one infomercial that shows up on DirecTV that says Instantly Slim and I always first read it as Insanity Kim.

Stephanie said...

Hands down the best list of resolutions I have read.
Happy New Year my friend:)

I look forward to reading many more of your posts...when you have 2010!

Jenilee said...

Great post. :) those are some fun things on your list! :) happy new year!

The Retired One said...

I will continue to read blogs with a full bladder, crossing my legs until I burst (or until I laugh too hard and almost have an accident).

I will never eat vegetables without Ranch Dressing (or cheese, or butter) because...dang...they are vegetables, you know what I mean?

I won't use sanitizer on my hands because they make them all cracked and dry and harbor more germs inside there than if I just use regular soap and water. Which I will do, and frequently, followed by slathering on a gallon of hand creams after.

I will give up my vow not to read the Twilight series of books, even though I swore I would. Because my sister in law said she is bringing the first book of the series over tomorrow for me to (finally) read because she is trying to convert me. And I totally cheated by seeing the first movie, and when I didn't get it and didn't swoon over Edward like every adolescent teen and old lady, she said I would get it if I read the book instead, so I am going to read it and either prove her right or wrong.

Love your lists...they get me smiling all the time, so I totally will keep reading them in 2010.

Ms. Diva said...

Why did NO one tell me no coffee drinking while reading your blog?! Coffee right out the nose!! Happy New Year!

Tracie said...

I will only consume my weight (or less) in chocolate per week.

robin said...

copyright law breaker! that is MY list! completely reasonable....and insane. perfect.

Charity said...

You make me laugh, I am also afraid of Tom Cruise, and thought I was the only one not reading vampire books. I hope you have a resolutiuon free new year.

w said...

ok. i thought i had comayermented already. sorry about that. i'm not sure why i nedgledted to do so the first time around...

so you'll only consider edcercising? you should just do it. you know. it helps with varacose vareins. supposedly.

i think beef is the only meat i don't use a thermomayter for.

you're too good this year. i'm so behind. culler me blink in our word games.

w said...

well dern. blind. blind! not blink. sheesh.

Aries said...

Hi Happy New Year. The first thing I would like to do this year is forward a few awards to you. Come and pick it all up from my blog. Have a nice day.

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