Monday, December 14, 2009

Insanity Mondays

ACK! Monday is almost over! I missed it! How in the hey did I miss it?

Awwww, look! Green Monster borrowed Angry Kitty's Christmas outfit for Insanity Monday! How sweet!

Wait, does this post still count? It's not even bedtime in Alaska so, yes.

But you Australians, you are disappointed I know. Yeah, all none of you.

I have no idea what happened to the weekend. I'll blame the black hole.

No...I think it's because I spent the entire time at THE MALL!

Yeah, our Sunday jaunt went well too. We took the kids and traded them halfway so everyone could have something bought by each of us for them.

What did I just type?

Jacob even got to be a "ninja spy" when we realized that Hubs and Audge were in GAP too, so we hid behind the sweaters and the mannequins and had the lady, who was helping them, steer them away from us as we ran to another register to buy our stuff and get the heckzack outta there before they saw us.

Oh man what if Josh reads this...oh well.

I was there again today, ya know...not GAP but, the mall...

They named the wing between Dillards and Sears after me.

I GOT MY RING! Well, I picked it out, and then called my husband, and then I ran away, and he went to the store and bought it, and then we met back up at the recliners where people over 60 sit.

My kids think I don't know about getting the ring I asked for.

Can you have Buyer's Remorse for something you actually didn't buy?

Is it bad that I want to sneak over and unwrap it, and wear it? I mean, I have to wait a whole 11 days...

OH! OH! OH! I had an awesome idea ya'all! I am gonna go to and copy all the easy bake recipes and make a little recipe book to go with the Easy Bake oven Audge is getting! So I am gonna make something cute AND save money! Wow.

Did I ever mention that I have a zit on EACH eyelid? Tell me, please, WHO gets zits on their eyelids, and yes, one on EACH eyelid at the same time? WHO? ME! THAT'S WHO! By the way, if you ever get zits on your eyelids, for the love of all things pure and sacred, do not try to squeeze them!

So...Tomorrow starts the crazy baking, ornament painting, and jewelry making. Just you wait ya'all, it's gonna be goooooooooooooooooood.


w said...

michael vartan is australian. wait no. he's french. too bad. for the australians. and for him. wait. what did *i* just type?

edward cullen is so passe. like. dude. he doesn't have a bazillion abs. hahahahaahah. "check out my bazillion abs." hahahahahaah! hilarious.

who hasn't john mayer dated? oh and snap.

jingle bells. jingle bells. jingle all var may. oh what fun. it is to ride. in a one horse open sleigh. hed!

didn't we use to "jingle bell" each other on fb? why? there was something. oh yes. i remember.

this is a. really long. really really long comment. this is a. this is a. really really long comment. hey!

Kearsie said...

Oh man, I SOOO want to be there to look at your eye-zits and have you say "Hey, my eyes are down here" and make your fingers do that pointing down thing like 4 centimeters. ahahahahaahahaha I have no idea why this is funny ahahahaahahahahah


i totally just peed my pants reading about eye lid zits. that's why i love you.

you're featured tomorrow at the crib. come have a look.

and merry christmas

Vickie said...

Eye zits!! sounds painful! But I would probably still try to pop them. Have to;)

Banteringblonde said...

OMG you are a hoot ... patience = and pictures when you open that ring!

Stephanie said...

I love love the Easy Bake idea! Hoe fab:)

As for the zit on each least then you match?? :)

The Retired One said...

A zit on each eyelid?
Well, you just tell them it is the latest to-die for fad in eyeshadow tricks and they will call you a Fashioneesta behind your back and shit and then you can like tell them to go and get a life and feel proud that you are a trendy freak and they can all just go back to their Vogue magazines and frantically search to see if you are right and by then they will be gone and when they question you about it you can say that is sooooo over now and be all smug and shit....

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