Monday, November 2, 2009

Insanity Mondays

So I have had a freak-out day today!

I found another blog with the SAME EXACT NAME as mine!!!

And, it's like, nothing I would ever write about; this site ya' all, is NOT ME! No way, not me, nuh-uh.

But, I find it so weird, like, I would think that two people coming up with the same exact blog name, one like mine anyway, would be less of a statistical chance than getting hit by lightening, or winning the lotto, or getting abducted by aliens, don't you think?

(shhhhh...I am freaked ya'all!)

I had someone tell me today not to get too freaked about it, but, I am the one who thought she was exposed to Anthrax after getting a letter from her aunt in NJ, right before that post office was closed due to the Anthrax scare.

See, I had a fever so...

And, there were these post-pregnancy hormones I was dealing with...

But anyway...

So I have been like, debating what I should do!

So I did a lot of "self-blog-preservation" stuff for my blog today...


Sigh...there's some other problems too. Panicking often leads to error.

At least that is what Prince Humperdink says...

Do you think this is passive-aggressive? I mean, it probably is, right? (panicking)

At least I am 110% sure that I had the name first, although you all should be satisfied with just 100% certainty...when did 100% lose its credibility, anyway??

If I could go back in time I would have changed some things.

Just like Audge said this weekend, "ya know, you need one of those backwards machines." Jacob responded, "no, scientists can't do that stuff," to which she said, "maybe your head is smarter than your brain." Words to live by.


Would you contact this person? I don't know. I am thinking just letting you all know if you try to look me up and get that site that, um, again, it's not meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


w said...

you are an oredginal. no one can come cullose to you.

i'm wondering if they mayernt to compliment you. because you know what they say. copying is the ultimate form of compliment. or something like that. i'm not too good with the sayings.

man. i really need a var somewhere.

Kearsie said...

I hope that whoever jacked your blog name will:

* be audited by IRS
* be audited again by IRS the next year
* lose their cell phone
* have someone prank call him over and over and over
* lose their hair
* brush against poison ivy
* get a papercut
* get yelled at by their momma
* have a Febreze moment in a crowded elevator
* eat some bad shrimp
* discover lactose issues whilst camping with only an outhouse as bathroom

Because, seriously, it's uncool what he did. Or she.

Unknown said...

If you figure out who did it.. I'll go kick they aaaasss

Vickie said...

It is a copycat!!

No worries. We will not get confused and go over to the usurper;)

Stacy Uncorked said...

That is freaky!!! You knkow what they say...imitation is the best form of flattery. This? Not so much. :)

The Retired One said...

I would definitely contact them and ask them to change their blog name. Make up some lame thing that it is legally yours and that you are contacting them first in person to avoid any legal action..that ought to get their attention! ha

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