Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If Duran Duran were in the Fellowship of the Rings, Would They Have Fought with Musical Instruments?

A few days ago I opened our front door to grab the mail, ya know the mail that is SO exciting to open, bills, junk mail, bills...And maybe it was the southern wind, or the golden sunshine that had warmed the mailbox, but I got a strong whiff of the local inserts, that familiar ink and glossy paper smell, and suddenly I was thrust back into time, remembering my obsession with any magazine that held a picture, or 300, of Duran Duran.

For a split-second I remembered that prepubescent excitement of wondering what the pages would hold...totally convinced my $2.50 was well, well spent.

Oh my goodness did you have this poster!?! I so did! Look at the bomber jackets and that hair! OK, so Nick Rhodes was definitely the most out there with his 80's glam get-up but still...I really only stared at John Taylor anyway, to drool over, and Nick for make-up tips to accentuate the cheek bones...Simon was OK sometimes, I mean, he did hold the title of Lead Singer, but poor Andy and that other guy (Randy? Ronald? Something with an R?), they were just sort of there for, who knows what. Musical support I guess.

Two totally random thoughts to ponder; I am pretty sure they are still married to their model-wives, the same women they married in the 1980's and, isn't it weird that most band members keep all of their hair? Only a few metal rockers come to mind who have had hair that migrated. But think about it, isn't it weird? Anyway...

How big is the average kid's bedroom, 8x10 feet? That sounds right eh? Well, my one wall, was COVERED with Duran Duran posters. There was not one spot that didn't have a thumbnail photo cut out, or a big ol' poster. Every 2D eye stared right at me. Obviously the smell triggered a strong response because back then I was constantly nose to paper thinking, "wow, they are sooooooooooo cool. I loooooooooove them!" At age 9, I might have needed an intervention...I am resisting clicking the "become a fan" button on their website because uh, I am 35 and well, I actually don't care anymore, 'cause I have my own Hotty McHot Hottie to drool over, and he doesn't mind when I stare at him. And he smells better than paper.

But going back to loving an image and idea of some person when I was a kid, well, it was for the most part innocent and fun. However, looking back it would have been nice to have one of those parent-to-child talks about how there are more to people than their looks and to pay attention to the attributes of a person, especially a real person. Sure I would have rolled my eyes while I was slapping up another poster but, maybe, just maybe, it would have helped me steer clear of the bad choices I made in who I decided to drool over in my science class and in the halls at lunch time. Until I met my hubby, I was attracted to very cute, and very mean boys. Thank goodness I scored big time, seriously.

So anyway, just blabbing about all of this and thinking back, since Audge told me recently that she thinks Legolas is "very handsome" and I realized that, oh yeah, the time is coming...

Now Legolas OK...I can deal with that...even though he's a little pale, and he is an elf. But unlike my Duran Duran musings, at least her "crush" is brave and valiant and stuff. Actually, he looks pretty kick-butt here, not in a Han Solo kind of way, but maybe somewhere between Fabio, Neo, and Rambo...OH NO!

Which leads me to my main point (I think) that hubby and I are trying to make sure that at this age she knows for certain how she should be treated, and to have that guide her heart and not some boy's pretty eyes or flirty smile or even the compliments she receives from him.

Audge and daddy went on their "first date" a while back, and she still gets stars in her eyes when she talks about it; she dressed in her fanciest dress, received a bouquet of roses, and went out to a lovely Italian restaurant. She had blue cheese on her appetizers and enjoyed a table-side magic show AND a huge slice of chocolate cake, which my hubby graciously let her finish nearly all of on her own.

We want to make sure she knows, and that Jacob knows, that all people are worth our time and consideration, and so are they, no matter what they look like. We want to do our best to be good examples to them of how they should be treated, especially by the people they become attracted to and when they are considering a mate. And of course it's not all about roses and blue cheese and magic shows, but whoever they choose to love I pray they are people that have my kids' best interests in mind and they lift Jake and Audge up, not break them down, and that my kids offer the same back. Cause if not I will SO go all Rambo/Neo/Fabio on them, and it won't be pretty.


Unknown said...

You two are such amazing parents!

Hunting season is always on my birthday. It never failed, but my Dad took me out every single year. He would drop hunting and drive 2+ hours to come spoil me.

It's those little things that we always remember too.... Tomorrow my daddy is taking me out too. :D

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I got lost in my own thoughts about Duran was 1985 and I had sewn a blazer that had sleeves that could be shoved up around the old fedora and my hair was cut like Nick's....seriously...thankfully no pictures were taken of me that year...or until my senior picture, when my mother told me to snap out of it..hahahahahaa!

I can only imagine what my daughter will think is handsome, cute, awesome, what have you. So far its this little blonde boy in her class...*sigh*. Hope that innocence lasts forever.

hawkbrwn said...

for the longest time i would say that legolas was the one 'person' i'd let push me up against a tree anytime. people shouldn't be pushed up against trees.

you're wonderful! this is a lovely post! hugs to you!


the date is super sweet! what a cutie!

i once went on a 'date' with john taylor. my dad knew his manager and he sort of hooked things up for us. it was really kind of awkward b/c i had no idea what to say and he just gave me a plutonic peck when he left.

i'm lying too. i do that alot.

ha! you totally had me with the wild cat story and i LOVED IT

Kearsie said...

Oh man, The Reflex is kickin in and I'm suddenly Hungry Like The Wolf. This makes me want to go My Own Way to Rio because All She Wants Is a New Moon on Monday. I bet from there Planet Earth is just a bunch of Careless Memories. It's Notorious what an Ordinary World we live in.

And also, on a much more Serious note, praise God for good daddies.

w said...

i nedvar neded what you call an "intervarntion". the only posters i had up on my wall were of michael vartan. and that was just yesterday.

legolas mayerkes me swoon.

also. blue cheese is good. but it gives me the squirts. tmi? mayerbe i shouldn't have mayerntioned that.

The Retired One said...

Soooo cute that she and her daddy had a date that was so extra special. I love it!
And good that she had Blue Cheese, because it totally smells like baby barf and that will be a lesson in birth control at the same time.

Unknown said...

Roger Taylor. That's his name....everybody always forgets because he was shy and quiet and sweet but I loved him...Also, when I was younger, HBO showed the Duran Duran concert and Simon Le Bon did this thing where he was lying upside down on these weird stick like structures and he sang "The Chauffeur" and I cried my poor little 11 year old heart out because I was so in love with them. Also, I won a Duran Duran muscle shirt at the State Fair.

That whole sentence deserves a place in a movie.
"I won a Duran Duran muscle shirt at the state fair."

I'm pretty sure I'm drunk right now.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I loved what you wrote at the end there about your hopes for your kids. So true and exactly how I feel too. :-)

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