Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Twitters: Animal Rescue

I got up feeling like complete garbage.

Stupid dumb thunderstorm woke me up. Stupid dumb!

Poor me!

Then, upon opening the patio blinds, I see that our gimpy bird (the one I mentioned last week), obviously got caught in the storm; he was gimping (actually he was belly up like a dying turtle), wet to the core and utterly pathetic.

He obviously had a lamer morning than me.

I reminded myself to stop complaining so much.

The kids barreled down the stairs and looked out the patio door.

Audrey: GASP!
Jacob: What happened?
Audrey: Is he dying?
Me: Not sure. He could be diseased. But I think he got caught in the storm.
Audrey: Poor birdie!
Jacob: He might die!
Me: Um...(ewww)
Audrey: We have to bring him inside and take care of him!
Me: Noooooooooo...
Jacob: We can't just leave him there to DIE! ["die" echoing through my head]

So, I did of course what any Good Samaritan would do; I got a small cardboard box, a plastic container, paper towels and...rubber gloves...for me...in case he was like, sick with Bird Flu or something.

And here is where I put him.

Then I came in and changed my clothes and washed and sanitized like a haz-mat pro.

He closed his little eyes, and, protected from the rain, slept for a half hour. That's what I told them at the time anyway, in case he conveniently died in his new IKEA-like abode.

Audrey prayed. Jacob cried. We had deep conversation, covering everything from Heaven to sanitation and sterilization.

But the birdie lived!

Soon he dried off, flopped out of the box, ate some seeds and then flew off.

The kids were so happy he lived, and that we took the time to help him and basically save his life! And I was too, for that means he is just gimpy, not diseased.

I would go even deeper but I feel as if my blog posts have been dipping real deep lately...after all this is just a twitter...

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w said...

did you throw that measuring cup away? four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.

i heard the pope mayerkes special leaves from the safety of his vartican to attedend to sick birds.

i was going to say "poor me", too. but man. that sentence i just did was awesome!

Kearsie said...

This post just made me want to wash my hands. I have no feely good feelings for birds. I don't suppose your kids would be all that impressed with me. Alas. Maybe I can buy their love with some Skittles.

Unknown said...

I just love you. that is all.

Nancy said...

What a nice thing to do!

You were also brave, considering the possibility of bird diseases. This was a fine lesson that speaks louder than words for your children. A gold star on your chart for this one. And see ... it was just what the birdie needed! Way to go!

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