Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Twitters

You know how I know it's Tuesday? My house is a pit! That's how!

Yet I sit and write my TT's just for you. See how much I care??

But, I had tons of great TT's and I didn't write them down for you. *anger at self brewing*

BTW I think the PMS Momster has arrived. Proceed with caution.

I was made fun of and insulted this week. That does not help the PMS Momster.

But I will forgive (go into the bathroom) and forget (eat something heavily laden with fat and sugar).

Jacob learned to make scrambled eggs this week. *proud mommy moment*

He also won our wrestling match by strategically emitting a silent and lethal gas bomb. We had to evacuate the room and not re-enter for hours.

Most of our shows premiere this week. *droooooooool!*

Have you ever played limbo using a spiderweb? It's like, really cool weird.

We also have a bird visiting that has a bum leg. Watching it land on the patio is much like watching someone fall out of a moving train. It is sad.

He can fly though, so I'll leave him alone!

But, if he falls in the water dish, I promise to help him.

Also, the red potatoes I had under the sink exploded. Has that ever happened to you? They smelled terrible. Like bad cheese. The PMS Momster loved cleaning that up today!

My daughter was convinced she saw a hummingbird FINALLY after waiting all this time! I cleaned out the feeder, only to find the corpses of flies and bees in the feeder. I thought they had a terrible smell before I realized it was the potatoes.

However the feeder is not feeding hummingbirds, just honeybees.

The PMS Momster will deal.

And look at this! Here's the recent birds and bees fiasco and conversation that followed:

Audrey: Look! She has a baby on her back!
Jacob: That's not the baby.
Audrey: It's not the baby?
Jacob: That's the female.
Me: No, actually that's the male.
Jacob: What? Why is the male always smaller?
Audrey: What are they doing?
Me: Making babies.
Jacob: *Shudders*
Audrey: Oh! Making babies! How many babies will she have? One hundred?
Jacob: No.
Audrey: Two?
Jacob: More like 3.
Audrey: 400?
Jacob: No Audrey! Then they would be crawling all over and take over our house!
Audrey: 2?
Me: Hey, look, is that a gorilla in the bushes?

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w said...

they're making babies? gross.

the bee looks like it's head got stuck. that's funny. i'm laughing.

what did the "o" say to the "8"?
nice belt.

that joke had nothing to do with tt. but i wanted to share it.

what is pms?

Jennifer said...

Ahahahaaa! I love that conversation made my night. Very specific numbers there, 3 and 400. If it were me, I'd opt for 2. Or one... Maybe 2... But mostly leaning toward 1. That's if I were the bug, of course...

The Retired One said...

Ok you, quit putting bug porn on your blog, for the LOVE of God!
Oh, wait..who am I to talk? I think once, just once I put damselfly porn on mine.
Ok....nev---er mind.....

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

You have a great blog, love all the trivia from twitter, I have that same hummingbird problem.

Kearsie said...

I kind of had one of your National Geographic Sex Talks with my kids when we were watching 17 Again. Because they kept asking questions like "Mom, why are they having a baby? They're not even married?" and I was like "Ummm."

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