Friday, September 4, 2009

I've Got Season Tickets to the Gun Show, and They're Alllll Mine!

So, I have bragged blogged in the past about my son's obsession concern with impressing girls, and his new desire to shower, smell good and comb his hair. At first this sent me into wild hysterics made me giggle, but now I think we might have a serious problem there is a need to set some parameters for the little guy. You see, he has discovered his biceps. And in his mind, they are huge.

Yes, yes. I just overused strike-outs. But more importantly, I am trying my best to make sure I compliment him every time he gives me a Conan the Barbarian pose, and since I read an article recently that said simply complimenting your children ruins them for life causes them to be underachievers, I not only say, "yes, Jacob, you're muscles are getting so big!" I also say, "but, you need to continue to do push-ups and eat healthy to keep those muscles big and strong, and, muscles aren't everything; you need a good education and you need to learn to be a gentleman and a good citizen and wear clean underwear and floss your teeth every night!" He just looked at me. I felt like an idiot quite successful using my new parenting technique.

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w said...

i had a VARy hard time reading this beCULLEN there were a bunch of lines across your words. i couldn't fit MAYER into that sentence.

i compliment li'l tot a lot. so. i guess i should say... yes. you are very pretty. but you will be prettier with make-up. and then i'll tell her that jacob is working on his biceps.

Jennifer said...

I just read that article. My eyes are crossed. How cool am I? I've been messing my kid up without even knowing it. Hoo-raaay!

The Retired One said...

Oh, I wish I could use the strike outs in the comments...why hasn't someone come up with that feature yet? Blogspot, are you reading this?????
I think it is funny he has discovered his muscles. I remember trying to squeeze by (yet non-existant)child boobs together for cleavage when I was 11 or so. No wonder I have back problems today!!

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