Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things I Love about Having Kids: Part I, The Boy

I don't know about you gals, but when I found out, for the first time, that I was preggers, I was a little shocked when the sonogram revealed I would be having a son. Not that I wasn't excited, but I guess I had envisioned having a baby girl first. Since I was a first time mom, babies to me meant frilly and pink and dainty and all of that, I hadn't even considered anything like, circumcisions...

But it was easy to get all giddy and googly-eyed over a little boy, and once I held Jacob I was in love; he was huge and chubby and cute and very much a boy even from the get-go! And, until Audge was born, I actually couldn't envision having a girl!

So here we are 8 1/2 years later, and Jake is definitely becoming a little man. And, the stuff he is interested in, well, it's very cool.

Take for example, Legos. Now, I know they have been around for a gazillion years, AND they make Legos for girls, but...he makes such cool stuff! All the ships and flying thingies have blasters and lasers and super boosters and rocket launchers and things that shoot plasma and all that stuff that requires sound effects that I cannot replicate. And he will do this for HOURS! I found the Lego website for him, and to him it is like gold at the end of a sparkly rainbow. He has made his own avatar, made his page, has friends, and even entered one of his creations in a contest! Um, yes, it's much like Facebook. But, no one knows his name...or what he looks like. Which is good. Very, very good.

He also thinks he is a Ninja. Well, he at least has the positive attributes of a ninja. He is actually more like a super-spy, sleuth-y ninja, who is a cousin of Mario, because he isn't trying to lop anyone's head off, or impale them on a sword, in order to avenge a death or restore someone's honor. Regardless, we can't go anywhere without him trying to fit into small spaces, pretending he is invisible, attempting to walk behind people undetected, and crazily jumping onto/over/off of any object we tell him to stay away from. In all reality, I think this is a coping mechanism because he is actually quite shy; the Ninja makes him feel powerful.

Also, he is into beat-boxing. I think this is hysterical, as the only beat-boxing he has heard is Matisyahu, which is awesome, but this means we are privy to his hot, rockin' beats like, all the time. For the most part his rhythm is rather impressive but, it can, at times, become somewhat oppressive in the car, or at 4 am when he wakes up and is "bored".

And I love love LOVE the new cartoon he found on Netflix recently called World of Quest. Originally a comic, it is now a cartoon and it is such a happy and refreshing change from Spongebob. Audge tolerates it, but man, the theme song makes me want to do The Pony!

And I love that he wants to be a movie director, (he has made a few short movies already) and an explorer of caves, and a chef, and that he says he doesn't need to learn Karate because he taught himself, and he's a "master black-belt" already.

So really, when I put all of this together, I think this video will be representative of something Jacob might be doing in about 7 years, hopefully minus a scary pig-tailed guy. I can't wait!

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w said...

i think this is one of your best posts ever. it makes me want a boy. alas. the varsedectomayery.
and word.

and. we may have matisyahu in common! i can't believe it! there is hope for organic beef.

also. i tried over and over to do the ninja hand thing in the video. i cannot. guess i'll have to stick with being a pirate.

Dana said...

COOOL!!!!! Love the Ninja rap song and I think I have that ninja hand movement thingie down! Great blog and I can just imagine Jacob trying to walk bhind people undetected.

Kearsie said...

Oh man. I have a friend who has a son. Last night she was telling us a story of what life is like with a boy. She saw the office closet door open. She opened the door and saw a water bottle on the floor. The bottle was full of pee. Her son had peed in the bottle. Then he confessed to peeing in the bathroom trash can instead of the toilet. Several times. He doesn't know why. Then the clincher. He confessed to also peeing on the dog's face. He also doesn't know why.

Right now I'm ecstatic to have girls.

Insanitykim said...

Umm...Kearsie, not sure that has anything to do with him just being "a boy". Yikes!


I love this post! It's warm and quirky and funny and cool...he sounds like a little deckster in the making!

robin said...

post one of the little movies he's directed kim!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh..I have two girls. Perhaps I should try for just one more!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ninja video Jacob! Can you do all those fancy hand signals? I loved getting to read about you and Audrey. Here's to workin' on the Ninja stare from Anchorage,AK. Love,

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