Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Hairy Situation


Something is bothering me. At first it was just a nuisance, mere blips in my day. Now, I am just one eye-twitch away from scouring the Internet to figure out what the heck is wrong with me because...

My hair is falling out!

I am "spring shedding" except, I am not a canine and, it's not spring.

See, I have been irritated because lately, every time I look down at the floor in the bathroom or kitchen, I see these very long, black hairs alllllllll over the place! And, I am constantly wetting a little piece of paper towel and wiping them up and throwing them in the trash. I do this in each room with linoleum at least once a day! Now it's just become ridiculous!

I mean, I remember the hormone crash I had after having my kids; I was decorated with bruises, up and down my legs, and I lost so much hair that my hairline resembled Jude Law's, and I broke two vacuum cleaners. That's right. There was SO MUCH HAIR that it tangled up the beater bars, which stopped the rotation, which in turn burned out the motors. Scary, huh? Needless to say, I have a lot, a lot a lot, of hair.

With all this hair loss I worry (which probably leads to more hair loss) about:
-Something being wrong
-Something being wrong

Just this summer my mom and I were noticing how my hair was back to the luscious thickness I had when I was a teen. And truly, I have a thick head of hair that cannot be held up by just any ponytail holder, even as an adult! But now it's all falling out to the point that in the shower, I can roll it up into a ball and leave it on the shower floor and send my family into screaming fits as they step in to get clean.

My other question is, why isn't my hair falling out in other places? Like, why can't it fall out in places that make it easier for me to go swimming in public, or wear sleeveless shirts? Or better yet, why can't it fall out from places that make it harder to discern my Italian heritage, like my eyebrows or better yet, my lip? Ew.

Sigh. In fact, the hair on my legs has gotten thicker. Granted, less hair on my head makes it easier to wash and dry it, but now I spend even MORE time shaving my legs!

I'm not tired, losing weight (darn it), or bruising, or having sleep troubles, or loss of appetite or crying spells or fits of rage or extreme memory loss...but, I do have more zits even with my super-strength zit it's just hormones. Or being 35. I don't know. Help here anyone? And by help I mean, just laugh and tell me I'm crazy normal. Well, that you're losing hair too, at least. Thanks.

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Kearsie said...

I hear you.

Also, I wonder if there are weird peeps in the world to keep their hair.

I'll bet Guinness has nothing on hair hoarders.

w said...

vart a harried situmayertion.

you're losing hair because you're pulling it out. stop doing that.

also. you only put in one strike out.

Jennifer said...

High to the five, friend! It's gotten so bad that my son randomly appears with my hair in his mouth. It's nasty, it's worrisome, and frankly, I'm scared I'm going to be bald! :-( Boo hoo.

dana barr said...

Thyroid?? My bathroom floor is COVERED everyday with hair and sure enough... went to the doctor and had a thyroid check... yep, very low again. Now on synthroid.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awww, man! 'w' made the comment I was going to make about you pulling it out... :)

I'm thinking the same thing dana mentioned - possibly thyroid... I think my aunt had that issue, too.

I have a mammoth amount of hair on my head, too - that can't be put up in just any pony tail holder. I tend to shed more than the average person, but figure I have plenty to spare...(grin!!) But I do notice I shed more during that time of the month - so it could very well be hormone related of some sort. I'd get checked out by the doctor if I were you, if nothing else, just for some peace of mind. Could be something very simple that can be corrected's hoping!! ((HUGZ!!))

Anonymous said...

I could not be more pleased to have discovered you this moment. I needed a laugh and a connection. My hair is doing the same. Actually, its stopped falling out and now I have these unruly little tufts around my hairline which are both masculine and dirty looking. Even a baseball hat cant contain them. I will make this my last blog reading tonight. I want to go out on a high note. Looking forward to combing your blog tomorrow after I go see Chelsea Handler live. YAY

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I just totally used you for my own pleasure and offered nothing in return. No advice, just sympathy, a laugh and a big THANK YOU.

Lynn Kellan said...

Hmm. I'm anxious to hear what you discover about your hair loss - I hope it's completely normal.

Insanitykim said...

Thanks ladies for all of your support and advice! I decided to start my progesterone cream again, in case it's thyroid and if it doesn't get better soon a blood test wouldn't hurt too much I guess!

Vickie said...

Well, maybe pregnant? But the other comments here seem pretty good.

I am also loosing my hair, but it is female patterned baldness. I am doing the Rograine thing.

Okay, for the email go to Settings on your blog. Then to comments. Then scroll down to Comment Notification Email and put your email.

Easy Peasy:)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm just a random reader. But, ask your doctor to check for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. It an endocrine problem in which your insulin doesn't work quite right. (Not diabetic, but could lead to that later in life) A couple of the symptoms are oily, acne prone skin and hair loss. I have it and have had it diagnosed. My treatment course that i've chosen it just birth control pills to regulate my hormones. Nothing life threatening, just an annoyance.

TheClayMuse said...

good luck Kim!
You're not alone, and it's way more noticable when it's long. My fiance is a saint for cleaning the tub drain all the time, it's too gross for me to handle and it's mostly my hair! Not to mention the giant hairballs I get every time i clean my brsuh (which is every time I brush my hair)

The Retired One said...

Stress will do it too. Just plain old stress. And, from what I am reading, you are a prime candidate!!!
But thyroid issues will do it too.
So get it checked and watch your upper lip with hope. ha

Unknown said...

My hair's been falling out for years. The trick is to just quit washing it and put it in a bun on your head so all the hair will be trapped and can't leave.

That's my professional medical opinion. Also, as far as the leg hair goes...wear long pants.

You're probably thinking right now how lucky my husband is, huh?

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