Friday, January 16, 2009

Now I Know How Sally Field Felt!!

Ahhh, my first sweet, peer-inspired award! Thank you Kearsie, you know I love your blog and your feet!

So, here I present, with pride, my very own "Honest Scrap" award. Now, I must say right off the bat, that I embrace this as sheepishly as Milli Vanilli did their Grammy, as I just posted a bold-face lie to all my readers just this week. SO...maybe it is time for me to turn a new leaf and, uh, nah...

Well, least I will be honest for these 10 HONEST THINGS about yours truly. (things I will never blog about, so feel special you're learning this stuff!) I will refrain from using embellishments or exaggerations and will try to stick to 25 cent words, as opposed to 50 cent words...not that honesty is cheap, goes.

1. I dropped out of college, whilst (is that a 25-er or a 50?) pursuing a degree in journalism to become an interpreter of American Sign Language. Even though I am a stay-at-home-mom at this time, before kids I worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing indivuals through the Deaf Center and the State of Alaska. I also worked as a free-lance interpreter. I am working on passing my national certification this June. This is my last chance before I am required to have a degree in my field to take the test a third time. Sigh (1,a: I hate failure).

2. Yes, you read that right, I am from Alaska. No, I am not an Alaskan Native, just a Native of Alaska. No, I don't know Sarah Palin. No, I will not give you my opinion of her. No, I never owned a dog-sled, lived in an igloo, or ate Eskimo ice cream. Yes, I have eaten moose and caribou and buffalo, and I like it all. Yes, there are street lights and yes, we have Wal-Marts and Applebees and Movie Theaters. Yes, it is cold and dark, and in the summers the average highs are about 65 degrees and yes, we wear shorts in that weather...anything else??

3. I love to write! I do not claim to be a great writer, just like I do not claim to be a great bowler or tennis player. But I do all three with gusto, and writing especially brings a joy I almost cannot express, and I am overflowing with glee that others enjoy it too!

4. When I grow up I want to be either a professional cake decorator or ballroom dancer. Although with the blog Cake Wrecks around, and Juilianne Hough being basically uh, perfect in ballroom dancing, I am not so sure I am ready to jump into either profession with both feet (or my pipping tools).

5. And I say "when I grow up" because I seriously feel like I am still 19, aside from the strange changes in my body and the aches and pains I feel on a daily basis...I am SO still a 19-year-old hottie, somehow...

6. I am, beyond any sense of reality or reason, PERTRIFIED of bats, especailly since we moved to a state that has many RABID bats flopping around lawns and fireplaces in the summer. I will blog about this very soon, once I am sure I am out of the woods from Rabies exposure...

7. I love John Mayer. And if you stick around, you will be reading more posts where I incorporate something about him or his music. His love of baking has put me over the edge. I "love" him, but not like I loved Duran Duran or Geroge Michael (in those good ol' WHAM days) OR a love that my husband would or should be concerned about. I just think he is an amazing writer and singer and his blog is quite funny. Aside from Conan O'Brian, he is the only "celeb" I would ever care to meet and shake hands with.

8. Like Kearsie, I will cry at the drop of the hat. This is something I have no control over. I cannot make it through a church service, a Disney movie, or even the movie The Fly with Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis without bawling my eyes out. Yes, when Seth Brundle was 1/3 man, 1/3 fly and 1/3 machine at the end of the movie, and he put the barrel of that shotgun up to his head, for his hysterical lover Veronica to kill him? Oh man, I sobbed...anyway...

9. I can eat an entire large Pizza Hut original crust cheese pizza by myself in less than an hour. Thank goodness I do not do this often!

10. I am addicted to FB like no one I know. I have heard it called "Facecrack" before, and let me tell you, I am a user, a pusher, a bona fied junkie.

So there ya go. Things I will never blog about (except the bat, maybe crying, maybe John Mayer...I'm trying not to lie here) and maybe will never admit to again.

So now, I am supposed to pass this here award off to other bloggers who have not yet received it, and then those bloggers are supposed to write 10 honest things about themselves, and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers (pant pant). I know this suspiciously feels like a chain letter, so, in the spirit of blogging love and supporting our peers, please note that I am tagging you simply because I truly love your blogs, you make me LAUGH, which I need terribly, and you inspire me. I do not expect you to do anything with this award if you don't want to. And, in fact, you may only know you were nominated if you read this blog strangely non-confrontational yet manipulative is THAT??

Suburban Jungle (you are the Obi Wan to my Luke)
Cassoulete Cafe (you are the Luke to my Leia (twins) )
Cheeky Greek (you are the Chewbacca to my Chewbacca...albino Chewbacca that is...)
This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood (before I knew your name was Beth I called you Yoda)
Man in the Moon (Do you want to be Han Solo? What man DOESN'T want to be Han Solo!)

These blogs are truly honest, sweet and endearing, and round out my top 7 picks:
Much More than Mommy
One More Werre

Honorable Mentions go to WendiWinn (who is "the force" to my Jedi, in my strange references to Star Wars for bloggers) and Kearsie of Sounds Like Tomatoes, who awarded me this here award, she is like a bunch of cuddly Ewoks... and hugs and all that stuff. Peace-out.


w said...

dude. i only get an honorable mention. psh.

wow. alaska sounds cold in the summer. (it's freezing here.)

um. you're addicted to fb like no one you know? hellow. you know me.

ok. i'm about to post comment. and if i'm not the first, i will cream. cream i tell you! (i hope robin doesn't read this.)


just me said...

love your blog, my friends have been telling me to come take a peek :)
ok...#7...I love John Mayer too, does he really have a blog?
Carrie M.

Insanitykim said...

Hi Carrie, thanks for stopping by! You must have AWESOME friends! ;)

Yes! He does! Over the holidays he did this whole segment on cakes, and in his own way, even did a giveaway!! You can't officially follow it or comment on it, but, it is cool.

Vickie said...

Bats scare me because of the rabies factor. Once I was scrapbooking at the school and there was a bat flying around and I swear I really thought something was wrong with my leg. Like the bat bite it or something. ewe!

Congrats on your first award.

Anonymous said...

Carrie M. really does have awesome friends, Kim! :-)

I am so honored to have this award bestowed on me by not one, but TWO, of my favorite bloggers. *sniff* I will do my best to post a response worthy of the calling! ;-)

Insanitykim said...

Vickie- If you ever see a bat again, RUN! I won't even BEGIN to tell you all the awful things I have read...if you EVER suspect you or someone you know was bitten, if there is even a remote chance, GET THEE TO THE DOCTOR FOR THE SHOTS IMMEDIATELY!!! Trying to calm down now...freaking out here...

Awwww Nessaness...I know you will meet all expectations, as you ARE MUCH more than a mommy! (but being a mommy is a lot of muchness!)

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Oh I got such a great laugh over the fact that you used to call me Yoda! Was it because you thought I was oh-so-full of wisdom...or because you think I am secretly a wrinkled, hairy old timer who speaks in falsetto? ;)

Thanks for the award! I love revealing random fun facts about myself, so this award is right up my alley. :)

And by the way, I also can eat a whole Pizza Hut pizza by myself....I have to exert a lot of self-control NOT to do it whenever we order pizza. Thankfully, its not that often and my husband usually will cover half the pizza with crap I don't like, thereby saving me from showing off my true piggy nature!

Insanitykim said...

Oh Yod-a-I-mean, BETH! Of course I would never picture you that way! I totally see you as that vacuum wielding hottie with a 14 inch waist...

Remind me to never bump into you at a Pizza Hut buffet! ;)

Enjoy the award! Look forward to reading it, I will!

Cheeky Greek said...

I am soooo honored to be your Chewbacca! Truly I am, from the deepest part of my hairy pits...actually I just shaved. Anyway, thanks! So what am I supposed to do again? i'm easily confused lately, I'm getting over the flu and I think my brain got hard-boiled from the fever. I guess I'll go back and read it again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god; I had forgotten about you bawling your eyes out over The Fly till I just read that. ha ha :) sorry but that still makes me chuckle. Geez I remember when you made me watch that movie....Okay but I cried in a Jean Claude movie so I am no better....and while I am remembering things do you recall how many times we watched dirty dancing? Like in the 20's I think......... Joni

Insanitykim said...

HAHA! It was SUCH a sad movie, right? C'mon, you shed a tear too, if not just to cry with me? OK were laughing! (heh heh)

I was telling my mom about the pendants and how you could even make special orders...speaking of DD, you would NEVER guess what pendant she wanted...well, maybe you could; starts with a "P" and ends with a "D"...ahhhh!

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