Monday, December 8, 2008

My 25 FAVORITE Things!

This is my 25th post! I have been seeing a lot of Bloggers who do a celebratory “100th post” and write 100 things about themselves. Well, I cannot wait that long to celebrate (where’s the cake??), and decided to celebrate my 25th post (ya know, kinda like teens that celebrate their one-week anniversary? Hey, they’re smart actually, how long is it gonna last, really???)

And, thanks to my friend, Wendi, and her suggestion, I will now share my 25 favorite things, in five, easy-to-read installments for only $19.95... uh, oops, habits develop from repetitive auditory stimulus...hey, this is kinda like Oprah’s Favorite Things! But, not really, because my things are cheap, and/or are not actually “things” so, I won’t be passing them out to anyone, sorry, BUT you have tons of links to click on! WOOOOHOOOO!

OK here goes! I am SO excited! In the order that they fell out of my head, here is the first installment:

1. Green Tea Frapps. This is the only reason I like Starbucks, because I am a Spoiled Coffee Snob and live for Kaladi Brother’s Coffee. Otherwise, I am a green tea FREAK! Love it, love it, love it, and I certainly don’t drink enough of it! Right now I am in a groove of drinking Canada Dry’s Ginger Ale & Green Tea Soda…I stopped drinking that caramel-colored beverage that I LOVE (starts with a C and ends with an E) because I have read how the phosphoric acid is not such a good thing. So I am getting my “fizz fix” AND antioxidants AND Vitamin C thanks to Canada Dry and their new beverage creation! BUT, when I want a REAL treat, I get a grande Green Tea Frapp, with whip, and I am in HEAVEN!! Drinking them makes me a "happier" mom.

2. Crystal Lewis’ Christmas CD, Holiday!/ Suzi Rawalt’s CD, Our Saving God. These are two fabulous CD’s that I cannot live without. Crystal Lewis is a Christian Jazz singer and her Christmas album is as wonderful to me as any childhood memory or gooey, warm comfort food. Suzi Rawalt is a friend from back home in Alaska, and with the help of family, friends and an indy lable, she has produced one of the BEST worship CD’s you could ever hope to own. You must buy it. You must. Listening to both CD's makes me a "nicer" mom.

3. Almay products, concealer stick. Looks like lipstick, covers like no other, and works well to cover dark circles under sleep-deprived mommies' eyes as well. And, when you have as many zits as I do, you NEED this! Wearing this makes me LOOK like a better mom.

4. Home Depot/Lowe’s kids’ craft day. OK…the operative word here is FREE! Banging with a hammer, FREE! Goggles and apron you get to take home, for FREE! A cool wooden craft you can bring home and paint/decorate, ALL FOR FREE! Check out your town’s times and dates. We LOVE this! Taking my kids to these makes me FEEL like a better mom.

5. Baking Soda. I have always liked baking soda, but now I LOVE it! You can bake with it, clean with it, brush your teeth with it, settle your tummy, deodorize a room, wash your clothes, use it for science projects AND its most important function? IT KILLS FLEAS! YES!! If you remember, I almost got The Plague from the evil flea vampires, in my house? So, if you want to kills fleas without killing brain cells by using toxic chemicals, just sprinkle it on your dog’s bedding, the carpets, inside your vacuum bag and even your yard! It works on ALL four cycles of the flea’s life cycle, by DEHYDRATING AND CUTTING UP THEIR DISGUSTING LITTLE BLOOD-SUCKING BODIES! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE! Uh, sorry…fleas make me a CRAZIER mom!!

OK there is the first installment. Aren’t you just SO excited I am doing this? There will be more…please come back…


StudiusMaximus said...

wait, won't your next installment be your 26th post? :) I am glad coffee made the top 1. Where is the bread? you know MMYYYYY bread?

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog today, however it is making me miss you bunches. In part because I love hearing your husband ask you where his great home made bread ranks in your top 25. Wishing you all the love and happiness you can handle.
SMOOCH 2 you my friend

w said...


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