Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Kristi W. said...

Hahahahhahaha! Love those elf things.

But I especially loved the "Paco RIP" you added to that last e-mail. That had me rolling.... ;)

w said...

so i'll say it again.

you are HOT. and um. your hubby. he shot up too much happy crack.

the kids look so happy. especially since they're dancing with a paco that is no more.

Anonymous said...

great blog :)

i like your sense of humor :)

you seem to be a happy mother and wife.

I'll visit your blog again, that's for sure!

happy blogging!

ParentingPink said...

Ha! I love these JibJab videos. Been meaning to make one for my blog this year too :-) Thanks for reminding me!

You have a beautiful family - even the dog looks like he's having fun! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad you've managed to escape the "virus" too! Happy Holidays!

Insanitykim said...

We sure miss Paco...the kids love this, having him in it! I have actually watched it, and cried...sad huh? Miss Paco...

Thanks for commenting, everyone!!

Lorie said...

I love those! Too cute!

The Happy Mom said...

I wasn't able to see it-it said it's been deleted. But I love those, they crack me up every time! :)

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