Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yeah, that's not how it goes, but I don't follow the rules...unless I am picking a winner for my awesome giveaways using the Random Number Generator...

And Sue Sweeps you won! Wooooohooooo! You put in the work girlfriend! You entered, blogged, tweeted, prayed to the giveaway gods...mainly you had the most entries. Good for you!

You won a free month trial of Dreambox Learning! Your child, or children, will become geniuses and famous and buy you a retirement home when they are 22. Well, ok, I can't guarantee that, BUT, I can guarantee they will fall in love with the program, and so will you!

Thanks to all who entered. You should be sad you didn't win. BUT! Don't fret! I have a totally awesome giveaway coming up in the next week! Come back soon! (Maybe I will have written something by then as well.)


SurferWife said...

Congrats Sue!

What's the next giuveaway?!

w said...

congrats to the winner!

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